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Accepting Presence in Charity


What are your thoughts on charity?

Well-intended assistance.
It can be hard to know what is welcome and what is a burden.
Well, it’s nice to give a boost to someone who requests one.

It’s a rather complicated topic.

It’s harder to receive charity than it is to give it. I would disagree. People give charity very poorly, and the desperate have a certain clarity in their lives, or can.

First perhaps my definition of charity. Accepting presence, which may or may not involve accepting presents. They say that charity starts at home, so shall we start there?

How do we feel about out homes?

Makes me think of the people that don’t have one or think they don’t.

We all ultimately have a home. Our modern society tends to define home as ones personal territory. What do we allow to be present in our homes?

The self we are content with.
Love, light and laughter, and a working microwave.
These are good things to allow.
What resonates with us.

Ok. How open do our homes tend to be?

I have this sense of home no matter where I am. You also have a sense of true charity.
Usually open by invitation only, so pretty closed.

Do we allow people to be present as they are in our homes? Do we allow people to conduct themselves as they choose in our homes?

We tell the kids to be on their best behaviour when we visit someone else’s house.
“Make yourself at home” is a common phrase. We try to allow that to happen, but it usually has not so good results.

We do indeed do that. Someone in our home is in our territory, and we do not generally allow that person to behave in anything other than a socially acceptable way in our home.

Conventional acts of charity are undertaken for what reason? To extend our sense of territory. To, in a sense, lay claim to our community, and to better our community in some way we deem is beneficial. But true charity is accepting presence. This includes everyone.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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