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Interested In Self in Self


Today’s topic is self interest. I will start with this question. What is self interest? What would that look like in practice?

Doing something for yourself.

Taking care of your self?

In practice, it would be doing that which keeps all your systems in optimum condition.

At times it is seen as something also detrimental to others, hence the term selfish.

Self interest … physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual.

What is it to be interested in self? Are you interested in your self?

Yeah, guilt trips laid if you are doing something for your self can be set out.

I think it’s my motivator for doing anything.

We are self aware… I am aware of politics. I am not interested in it though.

What would the behaviour be that reflects self interest?

Is it in my best self interest to vote, though? It can be, yes, but it can also be in your best interest to recognize failed avenues of action.

So, is anyone here interested in their self?

Well sure, knowing what failed helps to avoid that again. Is self what failed? No. Is knowing what failed self interest?

Self cannot fail. Absolutely true.

Self interest is love when it’s balanced. Indeed, it is. But can be harmful when it’s an obsession. Everything is harmful as a compulsive behaviour. When it gets like that it poisons whatever you might have been trying to achieve.

Can you give me food if you do not yourself have food? Is self negation a virtue?

Obsessive sociopathic behaviour … Gahhhh. Yes. It’s seriously crazy making. It is maybe why crazy is so common these days.

People self negate all the time. Giving and doing for others when they don’t really want to, but believe it’s the ‘good’ thing to do. They usually end up bitter. Doing what they should and ignoring what they feel and desire.

Does that include taking blame for something that was not your doing just because you want peace? Yes. That also would be self negation.

What do you have that is yours by right?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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