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If you believe you exist because of what you do, then every moment you are unrealized.

Altruism And Egotism in Self


There are two primary philosophies of self interest, though most people don’t consciously adopt one or the other. Altruism and egotism. Shall we examine each?

Also called selflessness and selfishness? Yes.

Altruism and ego sound like opposites? Taken as objects of focus, they are opposites. Taken as artefacts of reality, they are not opposites.

Shall we start with the prettier one? Altruism. What has been done in this world in the name of altruism? Selflessness.

The Kamikaze pilots.
Suicide bombing?

Hitler’s agenda was in service to his people. Vlad the Impaler is still considered a war hero in his former region. He was vehement in his service to the Catholic church, zealous.

Is that altruistic or heroic? Heroism is altruism.

It’s like when you love your sports team only when they win and bash them when they loose? Oh, no. That would be egotism. Selflessness is being a fan no matter what. Falling into lockstep with your group for the greater good. Altruism comes in shades. It is exercised by degrees. But what is this self that they are setting aside?

It seems that it’s when people adopt the attitude of altruism for an act that causes the act to get twisted. Indeed. The same act can be seen as selfishness as well, and at times be more balanced then.

They forego personal safety for the sake of the well being of the other. It is an important question. What does the hero give up? Did they have safety?

They have somehow identified with that condition of the other.

There is always risk. Even saving yourself only can not be safe.

Usually, at least in the stories I know, the hero is motivated by some injustice to themselves. Vengeance is heroism?

A woman leaves her family temporarily to fight for the causes of women on a larger scale. Feeling now she is mother of the world for this time. Does she seek to gain nothing? Want nothing for herself?

She gains the better world that she lives in. Gaining the better world for others, gains a better world for her self. Big ambition that. Big thing to want.

So, where is the selflessness? Is there any?

Where did she lose herself? Did she? People believe they do. They believe that they will give everything and anything for what they feel is the most noble cause. Many Nazis died in the name of trying to forge their new world order.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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