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Thoughts come from people, people don’t come from thoughts.

Vision of the Soul in Self

Self from Nothing

So my point is this, just as important genetic code is conserved, important bits of experience are conserved, and not because they are building a self. Your self doesn’t grow like an organism. It is already a very vast presence. It preserves those special elements of experience, because these things are recognized as something the self, the soul or psyche, can use to navigate with, to adapt with. Just as an infant learns it can turn over by pulling on the bars of it’s crib, your soul recognizes things it can move itself with as well as express itself with.

This explains how people with similar experiences can be so different. We choose how to navigate with it? Yes. Why does an infant grasp their parents finger? They don’t have a purpose for the finger. They don’t intend to use it for anything, so why do they grasp it so firmly?

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They have a reflex to grab things don’t they? Not entirely. Their initial ability to grasp is limited. They mostly have to learn to do it, but it is also not reflex. Their hand will flinch away from some people and grasp others.

If I get my hair too close to a baby’s hands chances are it will get pulled. That’s true. You are also probably friendly to children.

Navigating their world? They are navigating their world, but specifically they grasp because it fits. I will explain that after just a bit.

Ever notice an infant will sometimes cry and arch its back when passed to a new adult? They won’t grab anything of that adult even though it would be practical and improve their sense of stability. They would feel safer if they grabbed onto something on that adult, but they won’t. Isn’t that strange? They will even do as much as their coordination allows them in the way of pushing or striking, and the adult didn’t hurt them, yell at them or scare them. What do you think of that?

I think they’re perceptive. The new person they are reacting negatively to does not fit. Their energy is dissonant. It fills the infants awareness with noise. It isn’t a moral judgment. The rejected adult might be a very nice person, but they do not fit. Does this sound like nonsense? The same happens with pet dogs, and other species. You can tell when you have encountered something that resonates positively with your soul. Our kitten will just lay in my wife’s arms and gaze up at her face, no real reason. She isn’t trying to get attention. She is just absorbed in looking at her.

Yes, I notice kids that do that too. They seem to lock onto a certain face. We as children often experience this when looking at our mothers or fathers, even just pictures of them, but we have the same experience possibly when looking at a natural landscape or a special piece of artwork. Is the experience really any different?

We don’t necessarily want to own anything or anyone, claim or do anything to these things that bring on the absorption resonance experience. When we encounter these things we just have a very deep feeling of comprehension. It’s not intellectual analysis. It’s deeper and fuller than that. For the period of time that we are caught up in the experience, the world seems ordered, balanced, like we understand who we are and where we are when just moments ago we might not have. Ever experience this? Maybe it’s just the face of a model or a particular outfit in a clothing store. You don’t necessarily objectively know why you stare, but you do. Your eyes keep going to it like gravity.

Yes. I have lately when I have been writing and reading. This is the vision of the soul, though often we struggle to interpret the experience in our normal functioning state, thus we convince ourselves we don’t know why. But those are the only experiences we actually do fully know, do fully understand.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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