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Reality as it was defined is coming unglued. I am not afraid of that, exhilarated.

Waste Energy in Self

Self from Nothing

How drained do you feel? How much of your personal time energy do you personally control? Do you feel fully alive on a day to day basis?

Oh, no. To actuate or turn on would mean to be fully functional, alive and running at full power, yet we don’t experience this. Why is this?

That would be wasteful of energy. How so? With no time to shut down and rest, I mean. I would say we waste energy being low energy. We waste energy shunting it off to our experiences, our sensations. We charge or dramatize everything we experience. Do we do this consciously? Do we choose what gets a charge from us?

Sometimes it is just automatic response without much thought. You’re right in that it is an automatic response, but it has had a lot of thought from us, or if you prefer subconscious processing.

Like losing your temper at the cashier who served you the wrong coffee on top of your already bad day. You may not intend to yell but you sometimes can’t really stop it.

Your reality only seems to be the seamless picture it is, because it is very well rehearsed. If you weren’t so well practised at engaging reality, you would perceive big skips and jumps in your experience. The biggest being your personal presence in the situation. How often do you feel personally present in your dreams?

I haven’t felt present in them lately. Are you always present? When you are present is your body? Do you feel fully present?

No. Your dreams aren’t deceiving you, your waking mind does. It fills in huge blanks. Your dreams are just your experience without the post processing, without the graphical enhancement. Do you know where that enhancement of your waking experience comes from?

If you didn’t wake up when someone was killing you in a dream, would you die? No, because the body doesn’t understand death. It only understands life and health or pain.

I fell off a cliff and bounced when IĀ got to the bottom. Ah, the other side is stranger still than our dreams, but, that enhancement, that filling in the blanks, comes from the foolish human trick. We were taught to think what humanity currently defines as thought.

Is it why muscles twitch when they are injured? They are having trouble understanding it? Yes, indeed. It is also why you have an immune reaction. Your body is digesting and processing the injury, working it through. When it understands it, it is healed.

Allergies seem like overkill sometimes. If I see cat hairs or hear a lawn mower my nose gets itchy. That is exactly what allergies are, overkill, over exaggeration.

I know cat hairs aren’t deadly so why is my body reacting to them? Science doesn’t actually know what causes them, why they emerge early with some people and late in life with others, but perhaps an interesting point. The same substance responsible for an allergic reaction is responsible for you being awake. Histamine is the bodies wakefulness promoting hormone. You actually need it. They are excited now, because they think they may be able to use antihistamines to erase memories, for therapeutic reasons of course, and well, pain killers dull emotional pain. Two details they are very excited about. What do you think? A history of antihistamine use may be involved in some of my own memory abnormalities, though it’s likely more genetic than anything else.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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