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Absolutist thinking is a vicious falsehood, creates only confusion.

Operating On Sensation in Self

Self from Nothing

Does trauma make memory sharper or more weakened? It makes it sharper and more distorted. More narrow.

It’s like you learn first aid and think you will never be able to remember everything in an emergency, but somehow you do. Exactly.

For myself, the experience of my first breast feeding was negative. I was allergic to milk and had other health complications.

You remember that? No, but my mother explained it to me. I don’t remember it in a conventional sense, but I can still extrapolate. As I grew, my experience of physical contact was never very positive. The closest thing I had, to positive experience in that, was my mothers heart beat, her pulse, and yes, I do remember this. It calmed me. But being moved, being communicated with, in gesture or word, was an affront to my senses. I learned to adapt. Everyone goes through something like this of course, the beginning of the process of adaption.

How is it possible for us to adapt with a mind that operates entirely based on sensation? Why would we ever be able to have a new relationship with any experience? What do you think?

Each relationship is a new experience.

We need to direct it somehow but that’s hard to do. I think it starts with awareness and intention.

Old relationships can change. It goes back to how we form beliefs. As we have experiences, they don’t all register with us in the same way, with the same degree of clarity. When we have a high fidelity experience, one that resonates loud and clear in our minds, we believe it, or at least this is how things start.

What makes some things stand out over others is a harmony, an affinity, like the security we come to feel when we are resting stably on solid ground. Some experiences become solid ground for us. I bet you recall at least some of what your early solid ground was. What it was like. No?

Yes, I recall some. We can even come to mistake it for what it only reflects, for what it resonates with. The self. You recognize some things as being believable, as having substance and reality because of how they make your self respond, like the infant grasping and squeezing a parents finger. Do we still experience being that self? Do you now know what you want out of life? Really?

No, it changes.

Just as the infants body wants to feed and be held, the infant self has needs, sensation. It’s hungry for sensation, but somehow we come to identify ourselves as being that sensation.

Are you pasta? Toast? Peanut butter and jelly? If you aren’t food, why do you think you are sensation, memory or experience?

Power of emotion?

People around you see you as food also. What can you do for them? What pleasure can you give them? Of what use are you to them? Do they see you correctly?


Yes and that isn’t a bad thing.

Why do they see us this way? Why do we see ourselves this way?

It sounds like part of being a social animal. Being food? Food in a broad sense, yes. I don’t have a deep personal relationship with my toast.

The group brings food. No. You are food. You are an asset. You aren’t a group or a person, you are a tool. That is how they see you. They honestly used to believe that this is even how infants experienced their mothers, without love, only as a source of needs being fulfilled.

I’m a vote or a dollar. Are you that simple? Are you a pop machine? If you aren’t a pop machine, why aren’t you? I mean the question seriously.

My potential?

Have you heard of the term actuation? It’s related to actualization.

Verb (used with object), ac·tu·at·ed, ac·tu·at·ing.
1. to incite or move to action; impel; motivate: actuated by selfish motives.
2. to put into action; start a process; turn on: to actuate a machine.

You’re correct. It allows transfer of energy, transfer or conversion of potential. Someone who is capable of self actualization lives their life as an act of self expression. Their behaviour and choices coherently reflect not their experiences or conditioning, but their personal convictions, their self will.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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