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Truth is beauty, and beauty truth. I have forever gazed upon beauty and am thus moved to engage its dark shadow.

Echo Off Your Self in Self

Self from Nothing

When you began as an independent being there was nothing in your mind or on your mind, just an echo chamber of sensation, both internal sensation and external, and you were there. You didn’t choose to have a self. You didn’t choose to make up some idea and call it a self. You were simply yourself. Your abilities didn’t extend much further than responding to instincts and reflexes. Are instincts and reflexes our self? Is that what a person is made up of?

Those build up memories don’t they? They do, yes, through sensation and driving further sensations. Are memories just chains of sensation?

I’d say so.

There seems to also be a lot of interpretation going on.

In labs, they have experimented with how memories form or can seemingly be erased, and they do in a sense succeed yet they also fail at the same time. They can’t dictate how the brain will handle any process they put it through. Their memory erasing technique fails if the organism is unwilling to let the memory go. How is this possible?

A reinforcement mechanism of some kind?

Ever listen to echoes as a kid? Does the echo ever really sound the same as the original noise?

No. Ever hear multiple echoes at the same time?

Oh yea, that is cool. Would you have been able to track the various sounds back to their original sources?

Not likely. The brain is a space, and memories are echoes of sensation. The quality of echoes changes with the surface they reflect off of, yes?

True. Do echoes off water sound the same as echoes off stone walls?

No. Our memories never reflect exactly what we experienced and not because we are flawed or weak creatures. Your brain is just as powerful as any other living thing on this planet, ultimately. As much as pseudo engineers think they could design better, better is a matter of opinion. The reason your memories seem to be distorted is they echo off of your self, and your self was present since your first breath, and honestly even before.

Like at an accident scene, witnesses will have different stories? Yes. The accident happened, and the experience refracted through each of their individual selves, each person noticing different things, assuming other things.

Some say we are never in touch with reality, and that perhaps we never can be. I disagree with that idea. I say we are in touch with the one actual reality there is, and the mechanism mainstream thought is offering us is the distortion, the effort to purify and perfect the already perfectly alive.

We try to lock it down into fixed form? Actually, the self has a form. It has no shape. The brain has trouble distinguishing between these two ideas. It assumes they are the same thing. The form of your self imprints on every experience you have.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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