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Death. We part, but we do not part. The energy of our bonds endures.

Your Soul Knows in Self

There is a simple secret to translating this otherwise kind of mysterious stuff. Does it seem mysterious?

The way to make sense of it is the same way you made sense of new things you saw as a child. You not only noticed the new thing, but you watched it change or move over time, and you noticed what environment it was in. Eventually, your parent told you that it was a doggy and maybe you interacted with it. You started recognizing doggies as you saw them in the future, even calling out, “Doggy!” The doggy was inherently meaningful to you, but how you came to relate to doggy, that depended on the circumstances around your contacts with doggy. You might have come to fear dogs, or come to feel indifferent toward them, but this is overlay, something added on to the genuine experience. Intuitively, you may understand that your attitude about dogs may have very little to do with reality. On some level, you recognize the stance you have taken as disconnected from the experience.

I think you remembered how most dogs are friendly and how they reacted to having you near them. Indeed, for most people that is true. The exceptions are uncommon so it’s generally very easy to talk about the friendliness of dogs. Most people will be able to relate to that, and that is the basis of social connection. But my whole point is, each of your captivating experiences is like an object in a shared space.

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And then you find it hard to believe when the same dog growls at you when you get too close to its food dish. Indeed, people struggle to reconcile their expectations when dealing with other living, thinking and feeling things.

You might consider those captivating landmarks as forming points in a sort of hyperspace. This is why they can be so spread out, but taken together, examined in their points of relationship, similarities and differences both, you will begin to see a different world, one you might feel challenged to relate to.

That will be nice. Well yes, that brings me to this point. If you took all your captivating moments together, and your life became defined by the meaning you sense in those things, what would your experience be like? What would your life itself be like?

More awesome.

It would be exactly the life I dream about.

Your soul knows its own things. Your waking mind thinks of other things, but the two spaces in your being are not entirely discontinuous.

Ever play with those shape building triangles in school? Tangrams or whatever they’re called? Well, for most people their consciousness is like those triangles, like shards of broken glass, but there is a piece missing from the set, and thus as much as they try to combine and recombine the pieces, the picture never seems to come.

The only missing piece in your set is your own hand. The baby learns to use its hands first by feeling them, having the experience of them bumping into other objects as they move. Well, our souls have gone numb, but never completely numb. We still feel it when they bump into meaningful things around us, and in time we can understand the arrangement of those things, the context and purpose of those things. This includes our interaction with them. They are guideposts on our soul path, but it’s we who have to figure out where we are going. Remember that we actually can move, that there is actually something to see up ahead of us, just over the lip of that huge couch, just behind the mysterious door of the cupboard. You may even be feeling your soul stirring right now.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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