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All problems have there origin in the individual, and there perpetuation in communication. What you can do is see your individual part, and see to how it’s propagated.

Influence Inner Vision in Gold Magick

Gold Magick

So shall we discuss gold magick as it pertains to awakening of the third eye?

What ultimately gave rise to the age of reason, the eventual dominance of science? Vision. There wasn’t any money in it, and as much as it is true that gold magick is the force behind the coin of the realm, it also lead to an evolution of what social order was seen to ultimately mean.

Gold magick spawned the renaissance, and would later spawn the industrial revolution, which would for a time turn us back over to the rule of iron, even literally in the form of the railroad barons.

So it will eventually put vision and progress back center stage over money and greed? Yes. Gold magick is the magick of vision, the revelation of progress and evolution as well as innovation. It is the fire of Prometheus. With the widespread growth of public education and the more inclusive or cosmopolitan world view this tends to engender, the information age has the potential to transform into an age of true understanding, the age of “consciousness.”

Even science is making huge strides in understanding this in ways we never have before. So much so that those who have the gold are spending huge sums to fund it and use what is learned for their own goals. I wager what they will discover is that even with a deep understanding of the human mind, business will still never offer a sure thing because the force of gold magick calls even minds to grow beyond fixed forms, to become more and more refined.

People often deride the current trend in today’s youth to get bored easily. Gold (solar) magick is also the magick of youth. But when all superficial distractions lose their allure, we have the potential for either tragedy or miraculous evolution. If matter has no charms, we can either sink into nihilism or come to esteem wisdom and principles over superficial material gain. Something like this existed for a time in South America, before they themselves succumbed to the pull of iron, the call of blood.

The secret of actively letting gold magick influence your inner vision is simple. How long can your resting mind settle on any one thing? Even if you are prone to brooding, the idea is more chronically rehashed than it is persistently held. Can you stare at your TV set literally all day without moving?

Yes, unfortunately, though my bottom gets sore. You still eventually move. You blink. You seek food and drink, and well, as much as the TV can produce an artificial sense of progress, can it hold your attention completely for any real length of time or do you begin to lose focus even while you are watching? Can you follow ever story, ever plot line, with full attention? Get every detail perfectly?

Sometimes I get ideas and need to write them down. Even that would be an interruption.

Or fall asleep. Most people’s minds become pretty numb even if they are fully and pleasantly engaged, and it doesn’t take very long. Science calls this sensory satiation. Eventually, the meaning of what you are looking at stops registering.

Well, the alchemists used to say that everything is striving toward perfection. As debased as a thing can get, it retains the potential to become gold. Mental burn out is one of the stages of alchemy. It is a necessary and vital stage of transformation. As you stop assigning automatic meanings to whatever it is you are watching, the ash or sediment of the senses still builds up in your mind, and when then dissolved in the flow of emotion, it reacts to form a completely new substance, a new idea.

It can happen in dramatic or subtle ways, usually just subtle. But if you aren’t forcing it, your thoughts follow the path of transmutation. Your brain always looks for gold. It seems like maybe you have bad focus, a short attention span, but that’s not really true. It’s a survival mechanism. For men in prehistoric times, they couldn’t afford to have their attention linger too long on any one thing. If it did, they might miss prey or a predator, and even if they saw these things anyway, if they stood and thought about it they would miss their chance to catch it or would be caught by it in the case of the predator. This tendency isn’t deception, we just lost our sense of how to use it constructively.

In a sense, this sense is even more refined in women than it is in men. They can perceive the seed of gold even before change has begun. Men often chase down false trails. Women are better at detailed analysis and nurturing, drawing out the gold in people and situations, or they can be. Otherwise, they tend to go to the other extreme, and even in this case more so than men, and chase after any shiny thing that catches their eye. Attune to the world that gives rise to gold almost not at all.

They are more in tune with communal thoughts of the society. Having an ability and using it are potentially very different things.

‘Gold digger.’ The gold digger is unwise, and ultimately poverty stricken. Even if they have all the currency one could wish for, they strip themselves of the power of gold in order to get the gross manifestation of gold.

Real housewives of gold-digger county. They all seem so unhappy. They are indeed unhappy. They live in mansions with a mind like a hill-billy’s trailer.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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