'Gold Magick' Chapter

Gold Magick

Gold magick is the force behind the rise of empires, cities and civilization as we know it today. It’s associated with traditions of sun worship. Even among cultures that didn’t revere the sun primarily, it was the symbol of progress and certainty, and gold was originally valued for its perceived solar qualities.

Gold magick is primarily ritual magick. Originally, the rites of gold magick were solar veneration rites, but the modern rituals of gold magick are practiced all the time. Keeping your bank book, going to work, seeking work, the ways of urban life are gold magick ritual made large. The purpose of gold magick ritual is to attune your core consciousness to the cycles of society, the pace of progress, as well as its direction, to get you into the intuitive so that you will sense changes in the tide of gold magick.

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Value in Gold

Tonight, we are talking about gold magick. It’s very old, but by no means the oldest form of magick on the planet. Gold magick is the force behind the rise of empires, cities and civilization as we know it today.… Seek More

Yang Style of Magick

How would you describe the basic character of modern cities today? If they were people, what would they behave like? Spastic, busy. Aggressive? Yes. Over confident? Definitely. Sound like any gender we know? Men, but could be many girls I’ve known.… Seek More

Design Your Personal Ritual

How do I activate the third eye to use gold magick? How do you activate the third eye or how do you use gold magick? They are not necessarily the same thing. First, how do you use gold magick? Gold… Seek More

Going for the Gold

What force will strip the gold? Ah, in time gold becomes diffuse. It’s very soft. It’s indestructible in that nothing can be added to it in order to make it change its chemical and structural nature. This is why alchemists… Seek More

Influence Inner Vision

So shall we discuss gold magick as it pertains to awakening of the third eye? What ultimately gave rise to the age of reason, the eventual dominance of science? Vision. There wasn’t any money in it, and as much as… Seek More

Low Gold Style

There are three possible levels of approach if you want to begin using gold magick. They follow the same pattern as any other form of magick. On the low magick or natural magick level, you have attuning with the daily… Seek More

High Gold Style

Shall we discuss high or ceremonial magick in the gold magick style? High magick, as far as gold magick goes, tends to be law. People perform high magick rituals of that type all the time, even have a variety of… Seek More

Gold Mysticism

The third level of gold magick could be called gold mysticism. Be one with what you want to create. Paint myself gold? That would be low magick. Wearing a gold watch works there. Do you want to create money that… Seek More

Become Reborn in the World

The ultimate proof of gold mysticism shows up in the work of the artist. Does the artist ever really make anything? They create by combining things and revealing things, so no. I will say no also, but for a different… Seek More