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Value in Gold in Gold Magick

Gold Magick

Tonight, we are talking about gold magick. It’s very old, but by no means the oldest form of magick on the planet.

Gold magick is the force behind the rise of empires, cities and civilization as we know it today. It’s associated with traditions of sun worship which, although typically seen as pagan, was not very wide spread in most pagan cultures.

With the rise of cities (and the oldest one we know of today was found in Turkey and dates back to the prehistoric era) you saw what could be called the surfacing of a cosmopolitan or “cosmic” spirit of interaction. It was once believed that cities arose for economic reasons. This has since been refuted. All evidence points at religion as the motivation behind building cities just as it has been behind art and even the early stages of science.

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Even among cultures that didn’t revere the sun primarily, it was the symbol of progress and certainty, and gold was originally valued for its perceived solar qualities. Keeping it around and wearing it was said to bring good health and fortune. They even ate it, though rarely. It originally wasn’t valued for much else. Its physical qualities were such that it took second place to metals like tin and copper which were stronger and could be alloyed to make serviceable tools.

They still put gold leaf on fancy cakes. They do, and eating gold leaf is safe even if it has no confirmed health benefits.

Gold in today’s world is still officially the basis of the currencies of the world. Even the ancient Egyptians, who did worship the sun and display all the urban tendencies that were evident at the time, valued glass in trade more highly than they did gold. Gold has some very impressive qualities of course. Gold is a big component these days in information technology, the advancement of science, and I don’t mean just research funding.

It’s a perfect conductor of heat and electricity. Indeed, though as things are going right now, they are using nanotech techniques to produce a form of carbon that promises to be superior. Carbon being the basis of diamonds as well as a great many other substances.

I think the aliens came down looking for gold, and that’s why the ancients started to value it. Sounds possible, though they likely wanted it for similar technological reasons as we use it today.

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Travis Saunders
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