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You can change reality mearly by correctly directing peoples focus.

Yang Style of Magick in Gold Magick

Gold Magick

How would you describe the basic character of modern cities today? If they were people, what would they behave like?

Spastic, busy. Aggressive? Yes. Over confident? Definitely. Sound like any gender we know?

Men, but could be many girls I’ve known. Gold is a “yang” style of magick, masculine, but you’re right. It doesn’t mean women can’t practice it or be good at it. In general, as you explore magickal forces they are described as male or female more in keeping with the sense they use it in electronics than in literal gender identity.

A woman acting masculine does not make it a feminine trait. Indeed. In our home, gold magick resonates more with my wife than it does me.

So, can you name anything that seems to be a manifestation of gold magick in your daily life? If you are a college student, the urban conditions necessary for support of a college influence your mind powerfully.

Banking? In the case of banking, the commercial messages that make you pick one product over another are gold magick.

Is gold magick head based as opposed to heart or gut? Excellent question. Yes, it’s head based, and even more specifically centered on the eye, the mind’s eye, the third eye, and vision in the abstract sense in general.

So architecture is gold magic? Architecture is dual, but modern architecture is more heavily gold magick than not. Early architecture would have been earth magick, green magick more than gold.

Modern architecture does go more away from the earth and towards the sun. Gold magick guided the rise of skyscrapers, and is even calling its own technology to it, thus many old skyscrapers being more or less converted into server farms.

Gold and solar magick are typically associated with the desert, though gold magick isn’t the only magick or even the primary magick flowing through the desert. But I will ask you, where is Silicon Valley? California. There are other establishments all throughout that area though, the entire stretch being naturally arid desert.

I’m reminded of Dubai. And Dubai is now blooming as well, under the shift of urban forces.

Much of California is desert, and had a huge gold rush. Yes. It is really what made the state into a state, and what eventually gave rise to world influencing forces like “Hollywood.”

A lot of gold there too on the silver screen.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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