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Gender Genetics in Gender Identity


The subject is gender identification, or identity rather, broader than identification. Perhaps some facts first. In utero, a baby only has one gender characteristic and all babies develop this characteristic first. Anatomically, we all start out female. As the baby develops some hormonal shifts occur, causing not only gross physical state changes but even biological changes that wouldn’t be obvious. Neural architecture for one, and setting up different levels of hormones and also hormone sensitivity.

I know this topic well because of my own genetic abnormalities. I will share my facts and how they manifest psychologically. The gene responsible for controlling cell reproduction is glitched in me, so it affected this whole developmental process since conception. My neurons and my hormonal levels and hormone sensitivities differ from the average male. I am less sensitive to many hormones and only normally sensitive to others, so the “male aggression” doesn’t show in me.

What does this mean for my sense of gender identity? Well, another aspect is necessary to explain. I have a nervous system that imitates other peoples behaviours too much. They used to think this system didn’t do anything, but now they realize that it allows for identification of behaviour in other people. If someone, say, frowns … this nervous system creates a phantom frown in you so you can recognize the meaning of frowning.

Mirror nervous system. Mine does this too much so I mirror both genders to the same degree. In the company of women, I act feminine. In the company of men, I act masculine.

It’s like how someone’s laughter can trigger yours? That’s exactly how that’s possible, but as for gender identification, I identify with neither gender. I have no sense of myself as masculine or feminine. See how this stems from my biological data? In fact, I have no sense even of species identification, but that is not today’s topic. 🙂

Lower sensitivity to the hormonal factor and higher sensitivity to others states, so yes.

The biological gender differentiation process, like cell division itself, is not perfect. It’s not uniform or mechanical. In fact, no one is purely one gender biologically nor in their neural development. There is a behaviour that manifests in all mammalian species where some males react to male pheromone in a “female” way. It is pacifying, soothing, and makes them seek emotional bonds. This does not mean they develop a sexual preference for males, but in biology they call this type the “gamma” male. It is actually very natural, but our society twists things around so a gamma male develops unnecessary psychological complications.

Gender development is so variable that they only look for functional development of one genders traits to classify this persons gender biologically. All other factors carry so much gender it is more like handedness than any reflection of your essence. A right handed person still has a left hand, and some people are very close to the middle. Women with high incidence of “male” traits, and males with high incidence of “female” traits. How many of you know at least one man who you could mistake for female on the phone?

Some women have such a low alto register it could be tenor, and some men so high a tenor it could be soprano. Young boys are very often literally sopranos, as are some men. Their voices are considered quite beautiful and they make a lot of money off of them. So even if we started selective treatment to “purify” ones developmental gender traits, we could not produce a pure male or pure female. It would actually be unhealthy if they engineered such a creature. A pure males tissues would lack so much flexibility that their heart just couldn’t work, and a pure female would have little resistance to injury as well as insufficient ability to generate body heat.

Now could someone be one gender and have a brain more like the opposite gender? The answer is yes. You could be a male and have an extensively lateral cerebral nerve architecture, and demonstrate many characteristics people judge as feminine. You can be a female and have a brain with reduced lateral connection and demonstrate the right brain / left brain style of cognitive switching.

Is there a case where there is a toxic conflict between the body traits and the other gender traits that’s it’s not healthy, or is the conflict more society induced? That is a good question and the answer is, it’s a mix. People often have to deal with psychological stresses that are toxic to their general health. In some cases there does seem to be a conflict between portions of the endocrine system, the brain toned one way and the body toned another. This would create an internal sense of frustration as your body wants and feels what your brain rejects.

I will add a third element here. I have noticed that there seems to be a third factor that pushes for coherency in awareness and that is unexplained by any biological process. I call this push for internal connection and synergy the “mind” as opposed to the brain. Your brain is in your head, mind behaviour is all throughout your body including your brain.

The mind seems to try to balance everything going on inside of you, keep it functional. The brain is just a synthesizing sense organ and what it senses it relays to the endocrine system. So if you hear a loud noise near by, you experience an adrenaline release. That’s really all the brain does. It’s an important organic computer, but it isn’t your mind.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. shawn harvey

    what is your take on transsexualism?

    • Travis

      We all pretend that we know our role though nothing innate to our nature gives a definitive guide to how we should behave. The majority of our gender related behaviours are the product of experience and conditioning leading to a cognitive bias. That coupled with the side benefit that certain natural biological tendencies are permitted in an assumed gender role, the majority of people feel well adjusted taking on these conventional guises and manners of behaviour. If one actually experiences severe internal conflict and strongly identifies with the role opposite their biological gender, then it’s necessary, at least for a time, to accept that influence, learning what it has to teach us, and either remain on that path or discover that some third option is appropriate.

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