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Cognitive Gender in Gender Identity


You can see the functions of your mind better than you can “think” them. Thinking being just brain flexing. Example: Shall we identify our cognitive gender identity?

Think of which gender you find yourself working the most easily with, understanding easier in communication, and share if you choose.

Male. You are cognitively male.
Female. You are cognitively female.
What if you have problems with both, or it depends on the person? You can be neuter, or trans.

Cognitive gender neuters tend to have a complication when it comes to empathy. They have a neural “itch” when dealing with just about anyone, and this relates to animals as well. Cognitively, transgender individuals are either going through a psychological shift or are actually cognitively hermaphroditic. Generally the latter are high empathy and generally are very comfortable with any life form.

They don’t identify with anyone well, so they have a hard time with all to an extent? Yes, if your mirror nervous system can’t translate another, it can be a test of patience to just try simple reasoning.

When in mixed company, I always fall into conversation with men far easier. This of course has nothing to do with sexual preference, but it will shape your habits to some degree. You would be gratified most if you can allow that identification a full body role.

These types aren’t behavioural rules. If I’m not wasting your time, you will just notice feelings and inclinations that may have affected you some. It‘s a very abstract topic, funny perhaps. People take it very literally and there is no basis in fact for such a purist view.

Too literally. It is easy to distort. I counsel transgendered individuals and I see a pattern in the “purist view” so many adopt. They are struggling with a brainwashing that all people are subject to. It’s a virulent and toxic meme.

And it leads them into intense and confusing feelings they often misconstrue as sexual in nature. Yes. They feel they have to dramatize everything. It’s what most of us are taught. “It isn’t real if you won’t act it out“, or so common thinking goes and you supposedly have no choice. You have choice.

In the context of your individual biological facts, self affirmation is what I strongly recommend.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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