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The question in life is not “What is my purpose?” That question just makes us look really silly. The biggest question in life is “Are we having fun yet?

Gender Traits in Gender Identity


Let’s take any world cultures, older ones. In this case the Norse. Their women were the home owners. When a male reached the age of maturity, he would go to live at a hunting lodge with the males of his family and maybe clan. Men entered the village with their kills and had wives, relationships, spent time with the children, but their “home” was at the hunting lodge. This was the males “place.”

Now from time to time there were unusual males, not homosexuals, but males who felt at home with the village life and were willing to take up crafts rather than hunting. More “cerebral.” The normal Norse male saw that as these men being desirous to take a “woman’s” place.

Like the blacksmith? Yes, blacksmith. Women actually did some metal work in Norse culture among many other things. Men might know how to make a weapon, but just as often they did not.

Now to take it to a modern level, men are supposedly the “handy” ones now a days. You might be surprised to learn that repairs and building is what my wife does and I do the “brute labour.” Seem unnatural?

I can remember fixing something around the house and telling a male friend about it and he responded, “But you’re a girl!” So I said that probably made it easier without a penis in the way. He gave a chauvinist response. In my experience, women have steady hands and generally a good sense of space and mechanical relationships. You want something destroyed, or moved/removed, that would be something to ask me. I’m not trying to be sexist. It is a fact that for raw physical power males have an advantage. We are born with a steroid in high concentrations. This affects our muscle mass and development from day one.

We have to keep thinking about so called limitations because they may be designed by us. True, and expecting all males to be grunts isn’t correct either. Some men tend to favour intellectual development and lose physical advantage no matter how much they might try to “stay in shape”. They are even emasculated socially if they seem “frail.”

There can also be a balance. There can be a balance, but it isn’t really common. It is sort of like being ambidextrous. Balance is more common in women then men, even neurologically. Greater degree of striated nerve connections in the female brain. Neurons more tightly packed, more efficient. This is why in dealing with superficial pain, men seem to be able to endure more. Brain is slower, but in intense pain the female brain manages it better. Males compensate for the slower brain by specializing. So in their specialized tasks they can be faster, but if they have to switch you see the slowness.

Most men I’ve known do not handle pain well at all. They put up a front of being immune to it to be macho. Men are not immune to pain. They process it differently. Often times harsh weather won’t bother me, but will bother my wife. But if we are out in it for very long she stays functioning the same as when she started, and I get slowed. Part of what happens when a fetus becomes male is a hormonal wash that actually severs some nerve connections between the hemispheres of the brain. It‘s probably to compensate for the slower more bulky brain. Then add monthly “roid rages” and an otherwise smart man might seem down right dull witted.

Roid rages? Is that like a woman’s period? Yes, it is. Testosterone is a steroid. It cycles in men and steroids increase aggression. They also govern sex drive. This is why dull witted ape like males seem so sexually driven, and more cerebral males seem to care less for it. Genetic difference in testosterone production. For women, there is a specialized hormone governing sex drive and it’s keyed more to the adrenals than to the ovaries. More linked to mood than raw biological reproductive urge.

Adrenals are the glands that produce adrenalin so the fight or flight? Yes, or calm versus distress. This is part of why some women like “bad boys.” Pushes the hormonal button, causes distress, though psychologically they don’t care for it. Some degree of aggression is suggestive of male strength and health. It is a naturally desirable trait. For women, sensitivity, and I mean sensory sensitivity, is the related health indicator. Males respond to “responsive” females, and not just sexually responsive but psychologically responsive. This triggers the male “defensive” instinct.

Defensive or protective? Defensive. This gets extended to the female. Protective behaviour is more female. To a male, defending his partner is defending himself. To a female, protecting her young is making certain that young come to no harm and doing whatever that takes. For males that external focus isn’t as strong.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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