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Thought creates. All creation is revelation.

Psycho-Sphere in Light Practice

Light Practice

The recent China quake, and before that Chile and Haiti. There is a general turmoil in earths psycho-sphere. The psycho-sphere is a composite force much as the geo-sphere is. Same as a nightmare, but with what humans would consider more “material” consequences.

What is the psycho-sphere? The earth has a geo-sphere. It’s the level of rock more or less. It has an aqua-sphere. The water level that sort of interpenetrates the geo-sphere. It has an atmosphere, which is generally above the level of the earths aqua-sphere. The psycho-sphere is the psychic energy and activity that penetrates the atmosphere, the earths oceans, sky and just outside earths orbit. It operates right now at a rather limited level, but it’s escalating. Fitfully, but it’s becoming more coherent as the psychic exchange between species increases. Greater psychic “traffic.”

Like the group mind of the Earth and all its inhabitants? Yes. It is creating some of what people might call “hyperspace” noise and drawing more attention to earth.

I’m not sure if that is necessarily a good thing? Isn’t. Some are hostile to what they see as useless psychic pollution, and some already have a history with “homo sapiens.” Humans think they drove the old ones away. This is a laughable notion really. Most just believe that all the traces of other species in their cultural memory are “fantasy.” This seems impossible even from a strictly logical point of view to me.

The treaties of Solomon have been broken. This has made many angry. Solomon the wise, or so he was called among humans. But he had a rare gift among humans and engaged in some diplomatic negotiation with what humans called “daemons” at the time. They were forerunners of humanity. They decided to give earth over as a preserve to see if the infant species could evolve. Morbid curiosity maybe.

Humanity was to keep “memory.” There were a network of sites across the earth that served as recording nexi. Various sites in Egypt and Mesopotamia were in Solomon’s knowledge. There were other agreements, but Solomon was the foremost leader of “civilized” humanity at the time. The tribal societies of the other continents did a much better job. Nebuchadnezzar was drowned in politics, and Hammurabi became corrupted. The smear campaigns that are now considered historical “fact” are sort of amusing.

We’ve defiled them all? Lost the purpose of these places and stopped protecting them? In some cases we’ve actively destroyed them. They were set up not only as record stations, but as ecological regulators. They were along what would roughly parallel human meridian lines in the planet.

We didn’t know better back then? We did know better back then. We lost any sense with the “enlightenment.”

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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