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Post-modernism let’s us laugh at the sinister takeover of the planet. The infinite regress keeps your doubts certain and your ideas unsure. If you have a good idea, it might be a post-post-modern one and not a pre-post-modern one. Who knows. Test the waters.

The Other Side in Light Practice

Light Practice

People think that what kills goes away when you die. It doesn’t. It stays, but when you die what kills is revealed and made manifest. This applies even to those who “go to heaven”. There is a rhythmic marker on people, and is why suicides fair so poorly.

Rhythmic? Yes. A temporal signature. Linear time doesn’t really exist. So like a bio-rhythm, temporal factors are encoded in your energy.

For some, when they die and their temporal signature resolves, they see that their cycle is complete. Familiar with quantum non-locality? It applies in a time-like dimension also. So each event/person is linked to all others. When a cycle is complete it means reincarnation into a different pattern. The “cross-pollination” of different time sectors is necessary, for lack of a better term. The reason the crossing of time sectors in necessary is to maintain temporal-spatial stability. Each person is an active agent in actualization, and they bare a refined and evolved temporal signature when they reincarnate.

Consider your life story. That seems linear, because for functional purposes you need it to be linear, but your temporal signature is broader. You don’t just displace space, you displace probability. So all the matter/energy in you is spinning of a time wave, anything you had any probability of doing.

What does that means on the other side? Well, like a dreaming mind there is a process of synthesis. All of your temporal signature gets translated into a “psychic” construct. It forms the “landscape” of the spirit world, and is synthesized and interwoven with every temporal signature that exists. There is no such thing as was or will be, it all is now, and “movement” isn’t passage through space over time. It’s passage through time over mind. The organizations function of space is served by time there, and there is no equivalent of space. To clarify, time is space in spirit.

One area of the pattern becomes complete, and then we take our consciousness to another part to balance the probabilities manifested in another area of time? Yes, we do. Which can be Tibet if we were Tibetan, if we choose. But would be in another temporal phase.

We get attached to a pattern and can have a hard time transitioning? Oh yes, this is possible, and there aren’t “rules” there, because you can’t break any rules there. Everything acts on its nature.

Now how do all these temporal events manifest as any form of coherent object? “Archetypes”

Not consensus? No. Consensus is the process of incarnation. Things there are to organic human thinking more complex, but each death is “death”, each birth is “birth”, each love is “love”. The temporal probabilities “localize”.

Localize to a point of time? No. The temporal coordinates are sort of like “atoms” of the archetype. They localize in mind, and mind is time there. Time is space. Mind is time. Thus why people can seem to be stuck in a dimension with no time as we know it. They have all the “time” they could possibly need, but they may not have all the mind.

Would want to know about transition? All probabilities merge into archetypes. If you sought to re-enter the world, you would plot a path across selected archetypes, and then would immerse at the proper event horizon. Incarnate “when” that path is “possible”, then disincarnate at your destination.

We’re like a frequency on the carrier wave of archetypes that are embedded in mind? Yes, exactly. This is why there seems to be a schism when people think about what’s in their mind. Even unperceptive people at least intuit on a gut level that they are not the rock they are sitting on, though false identification is still very popular. This is why daemonic manifestations seem almost sarcastically irreverent of human symbolism. They use an appropriate archetype as an interface for that time path. It’s where they intercept you. They appear to be a scary monster, because where they decide they need to intervene, all you will see is scary monster. It’s not actually sadistic. This is why during the phone interview in the movie the “Mothman Prophecies” when he asks what the being looks like, it answered “depends on who’s looking”. It wasn’t being snide. Not to say daemons don’t have a sense of humour. :razz:

Being human, even as human as this incarnation is, reminds me of being drunk. Though I am not totally without my wits, I don’t like being so impaired, though is maybe why I bare the name Travis meaning at the crossroads.

Where are daemons from? There is a lot of reference to daemons being pit dwellers. Humans can intuit a lot, but they understand laughably little. “Quantum daemon.” Black holes arise from the relationship of the temporal spatial tapestry to the “space beyond”. Essentially membrane theory is correct, and the area between membranes is “aspatial”. The saying that the “Lord of the Daemons” or the “Beast” was locked in the pit was a half truth. This brane was sort of set aside. It is, in a way, a backwater.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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