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Evil intent differs from evil essence, and it is even addressed in the Bible. There is a poorly understood scripture, but it speaks against “fighting” evil people. If you fight them, it confines you to reacting to them.

Other Beings in Fae


Shall we speak of Fairies? It is perhaps not as simple as people think it is.

The first thing to understand about Fae is perhaps the structure of the natural world. The general populace believes that there is a single pattern of incarnation in the world. Even science is losing its belief in that, though they are fighting it. They have found an organism that uses arsenic in its biology. Something they thought impossible. Well… In the magickal world, there has always been an understanding that humans were not the only “people” born into the world. We just incarnate in such a way that we make a very middle ground in the world. The root of the human potential to incarnate being represented by the element of wood.

In the metaphysical view, we live along side other beings that are mortal, much like we are, but that exist in a different way. Some are even more mortal than we are, like the spirits of small fires. They are called spirits, because they are the living entity behind that presence. They are even seen to reproduce, thus great fires can birth small ones.

All activity in the world, all presences in the world even, were considered to follow the same rules of spirit. A stone would roll when it wanted to. The water would take things it wanted and carry them away to wherever it wanted to stash them, and tears fell for the same reason people would cry.

A tone? A stone, but yes, actually even a tone. Songs were seen as spirits. Man of the Fae were considered to be born of sound or light.

What made Fae different from the elemental beings is that they were more complex, lived as a mix of things and in unseen facets of the world. The creature they would call a salamander might be hanging out in an alchemists oven, but a Fae had more command of the world itself. Even to the point of sometimes showing up to humanity as if they were humans. Though they usually could do this only temporarily, and they behaved according to ideas and laws that made humans uncomfortable. It is my experience that all of the supposedly mythical creatures stem from a reality. Another aspect of the Fae is, like all mortal creatures, they sleep and dream.

From where did it stem that fairies were something only children could see? Was that simply a way to teach kids about imagination? Ah, because Fairies avoid adults for their hostility, and children still have a strong link to nature.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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