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Truth is divinity.

Fae World in Fae


The Fae world doesn’t follow the same cycles as the human world does. They exist on earth, but in a mirror of the earth we know. Our daytime is not theirs.

Why do humans have such a short life compared to the hundreds of years that elves and Fae can span? In part, because humanity forgot natures gifts, and chooses to live in ways that make nature have an immune reaction to them. The Fae keep harmony. Fae draw life from their kinship to nature. They share a link to the same nature we know, but an elf (for lack of a better name) claims the trees as kin. Gives to the trees and thus receives from them in kind, and lives as long as they do.

The Fae earth follows our lunar cycle, and is touched by our solar cycle as well. But the sun does not welcome them into our world. This is why they have more access during fall and winter. Looked at from a somewhat scientific point of view, the energizing effect of the sun on our visible matter creates an interference in dark matter behaviour. This is why we have our little reality pocket to live in.

Interesting. So the light in a sense narrows our view. Yes, and doesn’t do them any harm, but pushes our twin earths out of harmony with each other.

I believe rituals to communicate are all done at night? In western traditions, yes. But even in non European traditions they still do some at night. The constant bridge between the two worlds is the dreaming. The frequency our brains fall into while we sleep, or when we trance or lose ourselves in prayer. We share that frequency with them. This is also why many Fae do not like Christian prayer. The attitudes reflected by the Christian tradition of prayer seem hateful, and they don’t like the notion that many humans have of their own dominion. But yes, the activities on our world affect theirs as we occupy the same morphic field, and vice versa.

Maybe this is why Faes are always depicted as dreamy, almost ghostly beings, maybe angelic as well. The blue fairy from Pinocchio. Their actions often do seem angelic, but their actions have often seemed demonic as well as some have come to despise humans. And some, though they do not despise humans, do not comprehend them and take actions that frighten them. Not for love of evil, or even hatred, but because to the Fae their course of action just makes sense.

Their physical laws do not match ours. They do have physics, but their relationship to time is less rigid. The energy in their earth is faster, broader in vibration. So the idea that something should just change in a single moment doesn’t seem strange to them, and the idea that they will be changed by the earth itself doesn’t frighten them. It’s just the earth as they know it, and in fact, this is why they do not resemble humans.

They are less “solidified’? In a sense, yes. From our point of view, they are more “illuminated” by the energies of our universe.

An example of how fairies differ from humans physically is some have become very “dry”. So many Fae entities seem unusually gaunt or withered. This is not seen as in any way strange, and has nothing to do with the Fae entities health.

Also influenced by the tree connection? Yes. Their Fae look very bulky, even fat, as they are open to a great deal of energy. Again this has nothing to do with human notions of body image. Some look animal like the force that originated animal life is an energy in itself, and they never separated themselves from it.

I’ve been trying to imagine how Fae are “born”. They are born from many sources, and when they die they “go to the stars”.

Can they bare live Faeling likes humans? An elf can have elf children, and there is some belief that they have even bread with humans. Being more energy than humans are, their bodies are more changeable, thus their energy meshes easier.

I am half Fae half human in my role play. So was the legendary Merlin. But people tend to get too hung up on halves and wholes. They do, yes.

Do you believe in fairies? I have experienced presences that people have described in fairy tales, though they did not describe them very well.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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