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Words aren’t evil, though fixation can be a source of pain.

Fae Romance in Fae


I have always felt dragons and Fae were very closely linked like cousins. Bound in my ways. They are cousins, dragons being their elder. This is why dragons are protective of the Fae.

Moulded from a similar cloth, but went in opposite directions. I always think Fae and dragons were born to fall in love with each other. Dragons fall in love with maidens of all stripes. Daemons in general are highly sexual creatures. Compared to humans they are living embodiments of passion, all passions.

I find being a Fae in role play does get me more male attention. In general, less. Fae are often wispy and ethereal. This doesn’t trigger a human males instincts though there are exceptions. Human males, without really thinking about it, look for signs of the breeding cycle. Fae don’t follow that cycle in a recognizable way. Generally, the males who were seduced by Fae were those with an innate magickal talent, and thus already seen as a bit insane or “Fae touched”.

Is it by accident that there seem to be more female Fae than male? Actually, the female are just more visible. Males tend to be creatures of the night court, and often not recognizable as the partner of their female counterparts. Humans tend to mistake Fae courtship for victimization.

So why do we refer to a gay man as a fairy? Human prejudice, and the tendency of gay males to have intuition in common with females. This is why gay males often would fill the role of Healer and Shaman in Native American cultures.

Where does the term come from? Saying fairy in reference to a gay male? They adopted it themselves. In fact, there have been a few really famous poets (who focused on nature) who also preferred the romantic attention of their own gender. These poets saw themselves as being beyond mortal concerns. They felt no urge to marry and father children. So it was a romanticised fantasy explanation. We tell ourselves stories even about our own lives. We have lost the acceptance of the gay male counterpart, thus humanity is out of balance. That being the “alpha male”, but sexuality is not actually tonight’s subject.

We want our men to be everything but themselves. This is unfortunately very true. People, even males in Second Life, get creeped out by my tendency to wear a daemon form. It’s become taboo to be of the fire.

Your thoughts on photographing fairies? They might enjoy posing? Orbs. Orbs are not alien tech, nor are they new. Crop circles are not alien either, they are Fae.

They are Fae laughing when the scientists scratch their heads. Yes. They are amazed at how poor human memory is. My own memory tends to parallel that of my patrons, sometimes to my wife’s chagrin. The Indigo Children don’t all come from the same place though a fair number of them are changelings of Fae origin. Most of the new batch are. The bridging does need to happen, for all earths really.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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