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Divine Lights in Tree Of Life


I won’t be discussing orthodox Kabbalah in detail, just a synopsis mostly. But I will answer more specific questions as best I can.

Kabbalah is in a sense a form of theurgy. In it, God is infinite and includes all things, all potentials, and is in the purest sense unknowable. In it, all aspects of reality are seen as implicate to our souls nature. The word itself roughly translates to receiving.

In Kabbalah, we are the observers of the lights of God. Not a single light, but ten such lights. They correspond not only to the planets, but serve as ten categories for everything in existence. The word for these presences is sephiroth, which means roughly categories or numbers. Kabbalah does have it’s own tradition of numerology, though not itself defined by anything in Pythagoras’ philosophy.

The sephira, as they are also called (the spelling varies and legitimately so, as any effort at strict translation is spotty at best and not really possible), constitute not only cosmic forces but moral forces as well. In traditional Kabbalah, the term soul refers to state of being or consciousness, and we are not seen to have a single soul, but rather we have a few and acquire some in the process of maturity.

Wouldn’t they be the same? If I understand the question correctly, yes. The cosmic and moral forces are one and the same, but without the contemporary value judgement necessarily tagged on to it. Each aspect of life and existence in the Kabbalah is seen as a manifestation of a stage of development of life itself.

And the souls would have an underlying identity? Oh, indeed. They do have an underlying identity. This being God itself. In fact, the sephira arise as a result of God taking different forms in order to fully express its full potential.

So we would be expressions of God? Yes. As would every other form in existence.

God is a transformer. An infinite transformer.

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