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Sadness isn’t itself a virtue. You know your heart best when it breaks, and you can come to see, that though you feel grief, your heart isn’t actually “broken”.

Positive Outcome in Disaster

Tarot Tower Major Arcana

There is a possible positive outcome, and our whole world is trying to work toward it.

The positive outcome would be psychic integration. If not direct on an organic level, then indirect would work as well, involving evolution of human science and technology to allow the proper degree of “neuroplasticity” if you will.

With each other or with the earth? The psychic integration has to be total. We have taken a step toward that on the technological level, the world wide web. We are also pioneering brain-computer interface technology and computer assisted telepathy.

A kind of enlightenment where we see ourselves in the process? Exactly. Imagine an internet where you can get stats on exactly what kind of impact you have had on other people socially and even biologically, and where your own activities are tracked to allow you the equivalent of carbon credits so you don’t just poison your environment. Or something like that.

Is that not Facebook? Facebook is one step, yes.

We can live and live a life we only dream about now. One where we can do things considered only fantasy in our current era and we can find the way forward. But not through apathy and not through some baseless salvationism/transcendence creed either.

If we all focused on the same objective, what sort of effect could we have? The effect we could have would be to completely self define and self actualize the force that is humanity not only on our world but also on other worlds. Mars might enjoy some human company, and well, the multiverse is the ultimate limit.

The trick is agreement on terms. What is progress? Exactly.

I hope this was enjoyable friends, and maybe at least somewhat comforting in the face of things. The biggest disaster being human choice, but it can be navigated.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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