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Spirituality is life. Any part of life you are in.

Divine Mind in General


When you make God a person you automatically limit God, and that isn’t possible. When you say God is the person, and no one else is God, then no one at all is God. For something to be a supreme being it would have to be all knowing. Nothing outside of it’s mind, literally nothing.  Omni-potent. Literally all powerful and capable of anything, even the things we think are beneath God, and it would have to be omni-present. If it were anyway restricted in space the first two qualities wouldn’t be possible. There would be something out of it’s range. So there are beings that are responsible for the guts of the machine, sort of like we are responsible for what we do, but we are not special. The universe is no respecter of persons.

The higher forces don’t favour one person over another, correct? We’re all in charge of our own destiny? Yes, exactly and we’re also interdependent in a way. We are in the matrix. You can even break the rules as they say in the matrix, but it’s not really breaking. It’s just the power of the universe itself manifesting as it does. The power behind it all is why I am alive, and you are alive. No one person can own God. No one intelligence guides God.

I say that the test of truth is if it’s freeing. Does the knowledge give you a sense of what’s what? Does it help you choose things? Does it help you figure out what to do and where to go, and not just dictate your actions? That is the truth. If someone says “You must tithe to the church”, it’s opinion.

I have noticed that architects, electrical engineers, and such, often take up this understanding more readily than the “non-materialist” types. Maybe it’s because they really look at matter, and then choose to see past it.

The normal non-materialist is like a person who says “I can have faith that the light is green, and that by faith I will know that the light is green, and from the intersection of death shall I fear no evil.” What would happen? Really, what always happens? They run a red, and if they almost get hit they say God protected them from being hit. God of course does no such thing. Where another says “Well there is something behind all of this, and if I can understand it I can do better“. Make things better. Basically it’s like saying “Ok God, I understand the rules. I see what you were saying, so this is what I need”. If you understood well, you receive something that might even be considered a miracle, and it’s just because you were listening. God didn’t say; ‘Thou shall be stupid, and give me a hard time sheparding moronic organisms’.

Our mind is the divine mind.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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