Inner voice = the prime mover. Also inner voice = prima materia = first matter. It’s a part of the bigger order and doesn’t focus on human whim. I do what the voices tell me.

Exerting Force in Psychokinesis


Psychokinesis is the minds ability to exert force on the world whether it’s coordinated or not. But there are observable differences in exactly how any influence happens or is arrived at.

There are two levels of Psychokinesis, and one is simply the observer affect. It is basically what they call micro-psychokinesis or PK for short. Observation seems to have an impact on things observed. In fact, quantum teleportation being an established fact, your capacity to be the observer may very well be directly linked to the system you would influence. The medium, by which you observe, can in a sense constitute (for lack of a better term) the “physical” link that supposedly is necessary and is reputed not to exist in PK phenomenon.

PK is actually a lot of different things. It has many realms of function, from manifestation, to psychic healing, to psychic teleportation, all are PK. Moving physical objects is just one realm of it, and it is more commonly called telekinesis in this case. It might manifest in unusually consistent dice rolls, seeming unexplained mechanical corrections, or inexplicable breakage. Does anyone have an example of this they would like to share?

Would having a particular stereo turn on every time you passed it count? Yes, it can count. Are you habitually a big music fan?

Vending machines and sometimes the computers at the hospital shut off when I walk past, and back on when I’m a few feet past it. This has happened when I’ve had a big argument the night before, and my mouse frequently clicks on it’s own when things get emotionally crazy. It didn’t always happen though. It started January of 2008 (a week or two after I met someone who’s currently a huge and turbulent part of my life). So yes, it arose from two sources.

I had one case back in my teens. My room was down the hall from the bathroom, and my Dad was hard core about not being woke at night. I had to go, so I got up, and it was very dark. I was trying not to make noise, but as I was entering the hall to go to my room, I found myself thinking, “I really wish the light was on.” I felt a weird click in my head, and a vague sense of the feeling of flipping the switch, but I was ten feet from it. I hear a click, and it came on. I was really worried so I tried to quickly turn it off and go to my room, but I didn’t make it. This wasn’t the only incidence, and Dad wasn’t very comfy with me. Intense emotion of fear or anger plays a big part in it.

I can’t wear watches. Electrical ones short, the circuits get permanently crossed, and mechanical ones have the parts get magnetized. I can’t afford to constantly pay a jeweller to fix that.

Is this mind directed all the time, or just body energy perhaps? Well, there isn’t that separation. Our bodies have electricity in them, and it’s been my experience that the mind doesn’t really distinguish between my bodies electricity, or yours, or that in a machine. So it makes sense that the wires can get crossed along the way.

It can be hard to use. Not because it’s impossible, but because you aren’t the only directive force in this energy. I recall working with a young woman back in my twenties. She had suffered a bad car accident and one side of her face was completely paralyzed. I began directing the bio-electrical signal I feel by touch in her system, but ran up against some of her own patterns, resistance. I was sort of young and impatient, so I powered through the resistance. It seemed to trigger old memories and distress. It didn’t cause physical pain, but she began to cry. Her boyfriend got mad at me, but when I was done she was overjoyed. She was able to open her eye, and could pull the lips up on that side so she had a straight face.

What if a spirit guide says they will be turning on the computer in the middle of the night, then that night the computer turns itself on? Would that be the same thing or something entirely different? It’s the same thing. In the case of a spirit guide taking action, it’s the same ability we possess. They can just use it more easily with no biological resistance.

Is the spirit doing PK? Yes, spirits do PK. Here is a common example. Tell me if any of you have experienced this. Walking along, say a stream by a rock, you are well and balanced, even footing, but somehow you are pulled almost into the rock?

Yes. :smile: What is that? An elemental. They use PK. They often find human energy annoying, so it’s a “you are annoying me” type prank.

The rock has the spirit, or the spirit has the rock? You have a body, or you have a spirit? That answer your question?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Jj

    I am attempting to learn psychokinesis, but I am getting inconsistent instructions and results. It most commonly ends up where I can only do things in the ‘spur of the moment’. One thing rang true here: inanimate objects seem to have a certain ‘magnetic’ pull to them, especially when I am trying to use PK or draw energy. Advice?

    • Travis

      The psycho-kinetic force is an extension of the body. Its the psycho-kinetic force that organizes the body into the form it currently takes. If you aren’t already, consider the practice of Tai Chi or Qigong to build and focus the energy. Also, in your meditation, focus on expanding your awareness of the body image (not the body itself).

      Gross psycho-kinetic action is not something I have myself manifested, but there is a range of phenomenon and experience that is the outgrowth of psycho-kinetic activity. Such things as psychic healing and manifestation (as is popularly spoken of) are more subtle manifestations of psycho-kinetic exertion. Also, be mindful of your personal affinity to various forces in your environment. Individuals can influence some forms of energy or matter easier then others might, and may fail to influence more common materials or forces.

  2. TheShifter

    I speak now from my own experience with electronic devices and mind power. And you can try this too, when you are at your pc start complain about the fact is working very slowly and try to believe that even if your pc its working fine. After a max 1 hour of complaining you will notice that your pc will start work very slow and you may even start receiving error notifications. Is this a kind of telekinesis?

  3. Robert Christian

    Psychokinesis also known as telekinesis its a powerful psychic ability that can be develop with meditation and a lot of practice. With psychokinesis other superpowers can be perform, I speak here about electrokinesis, pyrokinesis, cryokinesis, aerokinesis, healing and the list continues. Any way by developing telekinesis you may also learn how to rewrite your DNA code and upgrade yourself daily. The human brain is the most powerful tool controlled by your soul, your thoughts are very important especially what you think about your self, because you will become whatever you think about yourself. So if you believe that you can develop psychokinesis then you will develop this superpower.

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