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Life looks like a path made of doors, until you realize that you don’t even have to enter the prison in the first place.

Seize the Life Force in Anticipation


Can you develop your anticipation skills? You can develop your anticipation skills. They come down to emotional tone and psychological attitude or disposition. You can substitute the word targeting or planning if you prefer. I use the word anticipation to evoke a more organic and experiential engagement with what otherwise might be a sterile and highly arbitrary intellectual abstraction.

Do you mean anticipation in the sense of intuition? Intuitively interpreting a situation and reacting accordingly? Intuition incorporated into other factors as a total complex. I find heuristic analysis often defeats the clarity of perception needed to apply theses principles. Intuitively anticipating opportunities to actualize a desired outcome, not waiting for a mechanist moment of right action. The personal psyche and the dynamics that actualize as events in the day, as it passes, are one and the same.

Makes sense. Carpe Diem to some. Well, to mix languages, carpe anima mundi.

Seize the life force? Yes, and recognize the part you play in it. The world is alive and healthy to the degree that it’s parts are also alive and healthy. But we reject the life force in favour of prejudice, and feeling intimidated by gravestones of passed human developmental stages, outmoded memetic patterns become cancerous in the contemporary soul.

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Do we all reject the life force thusly? It is rejected by degrees, but yes. They all trace back to rejection of self. Rejection of self in favour of ideas about self. Rejection of empathy in favour of sympathetic ideas.

What if ideas of self are harmonious with “real self”? Then you are perhaps enlightened, and discussion of anticipation is irrelevant in that context. The enlightened being is perfectly poised and has unerring aim.

I use empathy in my work daily, and I find it very draining but very fulfilling as well. I am more often drained than fulfilled, so what does that say about my idea of self? True empathy is empowering. It’s an active and immersive engagement in the life forces including its renewal process.

It’s a joining? Joining with one other is draining. Opening with all others is immersion. A form of limited ascension.

But it’s healing to the other. Healing and often enabling. It runs that risk of enabling something that the gestalt life force was trying to purge from the individual. Feeding blood to a spiritual cancer tumour, but since it hurts they want it validated.

How can the human mind know what the entire being of another needs? You have to go beyond human thinking. Awareness beyond the dialectic is necessary.

The entirety of another’s needs can never be fully known, but the joining and the intuition and the connection with others can be very potent, and self control and awareness are crucial, as you indicated, to ensure that enabling does not overtake the healing. The entirety of another beings needs are known in the gestalt, but this knowledge is limited by the limits of an individuals perceptual development.

The energy field is fully sentient? The energy field is trans-sentient. Even the hyper sentience of a theoretical Buddha cannot encompass it in its entirety, but resonance does build up across a lineage. Experience becoming more and more available given time.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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