'Anticipation' Chapter


Attention is like a bow. Intention is the arrow, and anticipation is the skill of targeting. Your problems now were also desires. They now seem to be problems because you have a habit that produces errors in anticipation. We can engage the anticipation activity consciously, deliberately, and improve our relationship to it.

You anticipate better by being mindful of the whole process. The process is awareness, identification, anticipation, action. Anticipation starts with awareness. You have to be willing to accept exactly what your awareness presents to you now. The second step is identification. The key realization is that everything that can happen will happen because of what is possible now. Even if you didn’t want to take the skill any further, you could get very good at identification and watch processes unfold into outcomes in every part of life. But most people are unable to leave everything they encounter alone. This is where the actual state of anticipation kicks in. To create an outcome we cannot target anything as it is now.

“Wisdom consists of the anticipation of consequences.” Norman Cousins (American Essayist and Editor. 1912-1990)

“As Daddy said, life is 95 percent anticipation.” Gloria Swanson

Skill of Targeting

To begin with a question, what is anticipation? The expectation of some event or idea to happen. A dog drools when anticipating his meal. To wait for something to happen. Imagining how something is going to be when it happens.… Seek More

Engage Anticipation Consciously

Attention is like a bow. Intention is the arrow, and anticipation is the skill of targeting. There is a discipline that works with this archery metaphor. I find it a simple guideline to help me reality check my internal behaviour against… Seek More

Anticipate Better

I seem to live in my imagination. You are just more aware than others. We all live in our imaginations. If you think you can do anything, if you believe there is anything you can count on, that is your… Seek More

Seize the Life Force

Can you develop your anticipation skills? You can develop your anticipation skills. They come down to emotional tone and psychological attitude or disposition. You can substitute the word targeting or planning if you prefer. I use the word anticipation to… Seek More

Guilt From Prejudice

Is full anticipation possible even for a Buddha, or is it too big in total? Full anticipation is not possible even for a Buddha. The teachings of liberation are based on this. Why do people feel guilt for not anticipating… Seek More

Keeping the Rhythm of Life

Anticipation as a life function. I will ask you, can one live and function without ever anticipating anything? We have an instinctive need of anticipation. It’s part of what tells us we are well and everything is right, or right… Seek More

Negative Space Patterns

Ever find yourself watching water drip from a faucet? Notice you have a sense of its rhythm even if it’s a little staggered? Yes, the body mind stops. Suddenly one is feeling, and everything is less serious, and all is… Seek More

Highest Reward

People mistake being in touch with reality for having everything figured out, making plans and having your plans work as they supposedly should. Some people even force this to work with such a vicious intensity they can seem to succeed… Seek More

Create From Yourself

How do I become more creative? You create not out of the world. You can’t create with situations. You can’t create with objects or even other people. You create from yourself. Imagine an amoeba, if you will. It has a… Seek More

Center Then Move

There is more than just self available to inform your actions. Going back to the amoeba, when you extend yourself into a space that isn’t fit for you, you have an innate sense for it, an instinct, and you want… Seek More