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Freedom is more than choice. It’s awareness of choice, but awareness of choice is not true, actualized freedom without vision. So what vision do you have for your freedom?

Center Then Move in Anticipation


There is more than just self available to inform your actions. Going back to the amoeba, when you extend yourself into a space that isn’t fit for you, you have an innate sense for it, an instinct, and you want to pull back. Everything in you knows it’s not good, that it only hurts, but you may make yourself take that emotional and mental acid bath in the name of “having reasons”. How often does this happen for you friends?

We are all taught to think for solutions to problems, but it’s almost a waste of time. One must feel all life, then perhaps go into the mind again to follow the path? Exactly, and solution finding is a waste of time. If undertaken in the conventional sense, the solution for one problem is the cause of another. Are there any exceptions to this? Have any of you found a solution that didn’t later cause you a problem?

Yes. Do tell? I never have. You can choose to not act. You can choose to stand back out of the energy. Non-action can cause problems also, really big ones. You can even feel that instinctive pain at the idea of non-action.

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Perhaps thinking for answers is Russian roulette. Maybe it aligns, maybe it won’t, why not align first? Exactly. Center then move. Balance then walk. This is a strong strategy.

Tao Te Ching. Hold the centre. Yes.

Isn’t that non action? Not non-action, non-doing. I don’t do my classes. I don’t do this typing. But as the progress of the topic flows, it all unfolds, and after, I still didn’t do anything and it happened anyway.

Acting but not doing? Exactly.

There is more data available than thinking. If one feels the life around you, breathes it in, centres, one can feel a direction to go with the flow. There’s no thinking in it. I agree.

Looked at in the positive light, ever find yourself in one of those situations where you were on the verge of a choice, in the presence of a person, or whatever, and you felt drawn to participate? Just a powerful sense of want, though without the definition people tack on it?

And that feeling that your action will change the future to come? Yes. That is anticipation. Where people get in trouble is when they get stuck in the question of, “Want what?” What you want doesn’t matter as much as the call. What that call is meant to be will evolve by adaptation.

You can even be going into the moment with the thought, “I’m going to regret this”, but the call is there. You know you are going to regret something because your instincts tell you what you have defined isn’t what you are going to get. Like the stereotypical guy, they get into romantic relationships with the idea that they want sex, and they endure countless frustrations and humiliations, serious emotional pain and lonesomeness, even though they would deny it. Where if they just relaxed their expectation, stopped insisting that desire have a defined object, and trusted their sense of being drawn to a person, they could form a bond that satisfies all their desires more deeply than anything they could have thought up.

Regret/guilt/self-blame/betrayals of self perhaps. But mostly, old news. Just go with the flow. Maybe one’s path is to feel these emotions, but that’s ok. This is why you continue with this sense. They call this process of recovery refocusing. There doesn’t have to be anything wrong for you to be open and aware of what’s right. It’s the only real sense your life will ever make.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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