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Life is lived in moments.

Create From Yourself in Anticipation


How do I become more creative? You create not out of the world. You can’t create with situations. You can’t create with objects or even other people. You create from yourself.

Imagine an amoeba, if you will. It has a fixed amount of mass and shares its energy with its environment, but when it wants something more, like something to eat, it has to create an extension of itself. Grow more of itself in a space it can move into, and then recollect its mass in the new location.

Anticipating where the food is also helps me move into it? Yes. Being open to the chi, feeling the spirit, seeing meaning.

There is a biologist who has put forth a really solid theory that I am confident will prove out over supposed natural selection. The theory is called symbiogenesis. Nothing really changed when you try to force things. The creature that just eats stuff will continue to just eat stuff, but when it encounters something it can’t break down and must accept, then it adapts and includes this thing, even changing its own nature to better live with this formerly separate thing. This is what I feel is the basis of evolution. We have a word for it in the human realm, love.

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If one tries to create and fails, it’s a misalignment. This is ok and good news. One accepts this as divine, not as failure, and carries on aligning as best one can? Exactly.

You don’t create nature. You don’t define nature. You are not defined by nature. The whole heuristic process doesn’t occur in nature. But with insight, we can see that we have something deeper and more rich, vibrant and ultimately supportive of our deepest well-being, when we work from the core self.

Does this method include aligning with a meditation upon awakening every morning? That is perhaps one of the best ways to tune yourself for living in touch with this force, yes.

And you like to feel love rather than gratitude and appreciation, like all the gurus say? Yes, but I don’t mean love in the abstract sense, nor in the romantic sense. Perhaps not in a sense most people are really familiar with. I feel it’s perhaps the only real state of consciousness. We do things ultimately for love.

Some human love is doing. This is just being close to nature and everyone perhaps? Yes. Artists love their art, scientists love their method of inquiry, parents love their children. Getting lost in secondary love blocks primary love.

Maybe it’s normal love, but without judgement? It is normal love.

Ever eat a cookie just because you wanted to? Or did you have thoughts about cookie eating? Ever go for a walk just because you wanted to, without destination? I believe that the real self speaks in these moments, but we likely choke much of that real self under a system of behaviors and thoughts that have nothing to do with our personal reality or the reality around us.

To be simple aware and go with the flow, for me, is to be with the divine. Yes. It is life, real life.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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