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It would be much more honest to say, ‘See you yesterday.’ For most, it’s what they see.

Highest Reward in Anticipation


People mistake being in touch with reality for having everything figured out, making plans and having your plans work as they supposedly should. Some people even force this to work with such a vicious intensity they can seem to succeed on a regular basis. But looked at more fully, the consequences of their actions are even worse than those who have a more moderate degree of success.

Anything that ignores the whole will not ultimately last or succeed, and is why we are having so much social, economic and spiritual crisis. But the flaws in human thinking are not evidence that humanity is meant to be a passive object. Our nature is to act and react, to feel and relate to things as they occur and change in the world.

You cannot see the big picture unless you become part of it, but not from such a narrow perspective. Exactly.

We have been trained to believe that our analytical brain is all we need to understand life. That is a false belief, but yes, it’s pretty rigorously enforced.

One can create going with the flow or one can counter-create, perhaps. The illusion of the latter seems to be success, but it’s just fighting the whole? Exactly.

How do we bust the system of belief? There has been some amazing research into brain function conducted recently, and of course because they insist on a materialist view, it’s largely misinterpreted. Our brains respond more powerfully to activity and experience that have inherent worth than they do to abstract reward, to the point that it will actually auto-sabotage a system that has only abstract reward to offer. Eventually, the chimpanzee will stop responding positively to the cookie. He will even respond negatively. We get the highest reward from acting in congruency with the world rhythm, the heartbeat of life.

There is a reason you want to plan. There is a reason you want to control. People get discouraged when they are told these are just spiritual failings, either give up or follow a path of emotional self-flagellation, neither is necessary.

I feel it’s cultural pressure. It is the down side of material ambition. There is a downside, and people get stuck on that. But we have a material existence for a reason, and the material view has a flip side. Ever notice you will come up with desires and even just impulses to do things, even without bothering to try?

People get hung up on the idea that they personally incarnated, and they personally have a reason for incarnating. While it is a useful start, it does get things a little out of context. The entire world incarnated and incarnates, not as a set of individual processes, but as one process. The world doesn’t breathe air, the world is air. Nor does it eat meat, it is meat. The list goes on and on.

“You think that’s air your breathing” Morpheus. I use breathing as a metaphor for an exchange that is constantly passing through the world, and yes, people think that they breathe rather than breath to experience.

Not lung breathing, but breathing the flow of the life force? Yes.

Isn’t it all the same? It is, but if you look at a screw, you won’t see the car it’s supposed to be in, but you do have to look at something.

Thus far, if one breathes like this, one is going to pop lots of silly human computational beliefs that don’t align. Yes. I hope that happens, don’t you?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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