New age thinking is based on grossly misinterpreted ancient thinking. If I’m following a trail and it goes off a cliff, I’m not going to jump off.

Negative Space Patterns in Anticipation


Ever find yourself watching water drip from a faucet? Notice you have a sense of its rhythm even if it’s a little staggered?

Yes, the body mind stops. Suddenly one is feeling, and everything is less serious, and all is ok. Indeed. That is the essence of what I am getting at on anticipation as a life function, and I will go into deeper application.

You can have that sense of everything in your life. It’s not only an option, it’s a necessity. If we are cut off from it too much or for too long, it can compromise our mental and emotional well-being.

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You are saying flow thinking is anticipation? Yes.

Napoleon Hill talks of the necessity of controlling the mind by holding groovy beliefs. He talks of ‘penalties’. Well, states have consequences, but some of the formerly popular thought gives me pause.

Now in the atmosphere of all these rhythms, you get what can be called negative space patterns or meta-patterns. Each pattern operates not by itself, but as a part of a greater whole and encompassing rhythm, and your personal rhythms are a part of this.

Sometimes we bust the negative patterns? Oh, I don’t meant negative as destructive. Every pattern set up by an event creates a complimentary pattern that exists by negative definition. A case of since this is so then this other thing is not so.

You mean the space between the notes, so to speak? Yes. Music without spaces between the notes is just a big dissonant screech.

It’s sort of going along with intuition rather than thinking, sort of Divine will. All will be ok if one relaxes and breathes? That is an important first step, yes, but you do more than breathing.

Thinking for me is a plummet into misalignment. It can be. Traditional thinking generally sets up this misalignment, but there are other ways to think, for lack of a better term, ways we aren’t typically taught. Primal visual thinking can be reconnected to feeling, expanding on the feeling experience. Basically, imagination without the overlay of prejudice.

Being neutral and without judgment? Being without judgement and without disengagement. Recognizing the connection between the inner pulse and the outer, and participating in that more fully.

The inner is the outer, but the identity gets in the way? A tendency toward false identification. There is real identity, but it isn’t something available to normal so called rational thought. It reveals itself more when we are fully open to experience.

Understanding by deductive reasoning often is the booby prize? Exactly.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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