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Counter culture becomes mainstream when the norm is toxic and society looses its center. Eventually not being recognizable in its original form.

Keeping the Rhythm of Life in Anticipation


Anticipation as a life function. I will ask you, can one live and function without ever anticipating anything?

We have an instinctive need of anticipation. It’s part of what tells us we are well and everything is right, or right enough, in our world. Every living thing tries to achieve a certain state that is often called homeostasis. It’s that comfortable balance that lets us know that everything is in order, but nothing is a real emergency. Anticipation is a part of our natural balance.

Expectation? No. Expectation is a cognitive function, usually the product of abstract thinking. Anticipation is more of a sense of rhythm, of cycles. Even without trying, we become aware that the world around us changes, and we have a deep inner drive to keep pace with it, to keep in touch with those things in the world that support our well-being, like hunting or gathering seasons.

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Anticipation, like any other life process, can become misaligned, and when that happens we experience an anxiety that is unlike anything our processes of thought can let us experience. Many people these days experience this anxiety. It’s pervasive. Fears about age arise from this, mid-life crisis, identity crisis as well. Can you look at any one thing and say that you are exclusively that thing?

Our anticipation gets too rigid? Anticipating gets entangled with what people consider higher thought, and we build up so called defense mechanisms around it.

I see my identity as a set of beliefs within the Divine, so I accept whatever. That’s a good way of seeing it, and do you ever notice that when you feel out of touch with people in general, or the world around you, you lose much sense of who you are?

Anticipation gets in the way of higher thinking. I disagree, but perhaps we will iron that out.

We impress not only on our mother when we are born. We progressively impress upon the entire world. It’s natural and necessary. Anticipation is keeping the rhythm of life, breathing with life instead of hyperventilating or holding your breath. Planning is not the same as anticipation, neither is expectation.

It’s a human survival computation to struggle to keep up. You propose naturally going with the flow without effort? Indeed, I do.

One does this by being one’s higher self? Basically, yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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