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Avoidance Dysfunction in Humble Opinion

I found my inner bitch and ran with her. Courtney Love

Why I Am Dysfunctional Today: Most of what we try to avoid is also what has the most meaning for us.

People generally think that things have the meaning they decide it has. This is just another in a large collection of commonly held half-truths. Experiences and ideas have meaning to the degree that we have feelings about them. It isn’t true that we feel what we think, rather the truth is that we think what we feel.

At heart, at the core of our beings, we are the horrible things we fear we are. At heart, I’m a weak willed coward who could self-destruct at any moment. I go about my life agreeing with everybody I talk to most of the time, and offering additional information from my own point of view just in case they might also agree with me. Petulant and spineless perhaps?

What I find most meaningful in my life is the way human interaction and collective behavior gives rise to world changing shifts that are greater than any of the individuals involved could have accomplished. No matter what I do, I can’t escape a sense of awe at the vast power of the will and the grand expanse of personal perspectives.

Guess I should be honest and go inspire change, huh?

That‘s my dysfunctional self. What’s yours?

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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