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Truth is divinity.

Finding Center in Sincerity


On sincerity, one’s personality can seem an obscure thing. The product of pointlessly obtuse reasoning even, but the insane likewise have personalities, as do the brain damaged. They have the state of being a “person”, and a way in which they function, regardless of any external judgements regarding their life or their level of being. Sincerity is finding center beyond the semantic definition, which isn’t even available to some.

Unless it is severe frontal lobe damage like lobotomy. Many people lost all personality functions from that. They were like drones. Frontal lobotomies still don’t create the perfect robot. There are still “aberrations” in their behaviour periodically. The amygdala can and does pick up a lot of functions if the frontal lobe is damaged, and in fact, the nature that I spoke of tends to arise from the hind brain more than the higher cerebral functions.

Imagine the mind is a jigsaw puzzle. If everything in congruous, if everything is honest and you are being sincere, the picture is very clear, yes? But how often do people say “I don’t know what made me do that!” or something of the like?

So often, it’s disturbing. And it comes from a common fiction that your powers of reason are who you are, and that a “well reasoned” argument is a sincere one. It’s an absurd notion, but still very commonly held. With very strong reason, I can give an argument for why it would be appropriate for me to torture myself to death, at least in theory. It isn’t our powers of reason that keeps us from doing things like that, is it?

Sincerity is being true to yourself, which leads to knowing yourself. Finding serenity has a lot to do with that. Listening with your core and ignoring mind chatter & thoughts that are pre-programmed patterns repeated to you over the years. So really to me, sincerity isn’t just good for face but leads to serenity & true happiness! It betters yourself. I agree, and a sincere person can very often cut directly to the chase on any topic, because they don’t feel the need to satisfy some ponderous, pointless list of criteria to arrive at a functional truth.

Down with ego! Well, down with ego as label, down with ego as role. Up with ego as the sense of awareness that lets us enjoy our life, to have feelings and desires, to have a capacity to love.

This self that you have while you are awake, when you aren’t drowning it under a lot of thinking, it isn’t evil. Even thinking isn’t evil, if it’s approached as being what it is. This is sincerity. It’s not destroying anything, or rejecting any part of yourself, but it does involve knowing what is not self. Whatever victim stories I might have, I could make these into an ego, but these are not self. I can just let them stay what they are and instead experience life as it is right now, each moment for the entirely new moment that it is. What is sincerity other than this?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. nishkam prem

    sincerity means deep real love for anything that bring force to act to change dream in to fact, in any field of life

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