'Sincerity' Chapter


You will fail. No matter what, you will fail. No matter what you intend to do, you will do it wrong. But you are not, I repeat NOT, a failure. The key to sincerity is to realize this. The sincere person is not unfailing, they are unfaltering.

How often do people say “I don’t know what made me do that!”? It comes from a common fiction that your powers of reason are who you are, and that a “well reasoned” argument is a sincere one. It’s an absurd notion, but still very commonly held. With very strong reason, I can give an argument for why it would be appropriate for me to torture myself to death, at least in theory. It isn’t our powers of reason that keeps us from doing things like that.

Sincerity is being true to yourself, which leads to knowing yourself.

“As you put into practice the qualities of patience, punctuality, sincerity, and solicitude, you will have a better opinion of the world around you” Grenville Kleiser (American author 1868-1953)

“No man can produce great things who is not thoroughly sincere in dealing with himself” James Russell Lowell (American Poet, Critic, Essayist, Editor and Diplomat, 1819-1891)

Are You Serious?

People often ask me, “Are you serious?” I guess, because my thinking and behaviour seem so strange to them, they doubt my sincerity. Or they think they hear sarcasm. Yes, when I am being completely up front. But to act… Seek More

Living Contiguously

Being authentic or being ourselves is different from being sincere? Actually, it’s different from being sincere as it’s publicly defined, yes, but it’s the only real sincerity possible. True sincerity is living contiguously with your authentic self, even if that… Seek More

Key To True Strength

Sincerity is the key to true strength. There is application in this. We have, at our hearts, principles on which we live. The violation of which would lead us to believe we would lose our minds, and in fact, we… Seek More

Sincerity of Darker Things

Many people feel they have to feel bad when someone dies. They are very insincere. I was happy that my Gran passed away. She was so sick for a long time. It was her right to have the relief. Sorry… Seek More

Am I Sincere?

This is not a trick question, friends. Would you say I have spoken sincerely? Yes. Why would you say that? I always feel that you are sincere in the sense of being authentic. What you say is consistent. I guess… Seek More

Our Scattered Self

In today’s era, it seems sincerity is in short supply, but why? Any thoughts? Which culture are we talking about? That’s true. It does differ, but not so much as to make any one culture stand out entirely as more… Seek More

Finding Center

On sincerity, one’s personality can seem an obscure thing. The product of pointlessly obtuse reasoning even, but the insane likewise have personalities, as do the brain damaged. They have the state of being a “person”, and a way in which… Seek More

Being Ourselves

I find nothing more interesting than sincerity, and I tend to ignore anything other than that, because sincerity requires no form of embellishment. I have a guest who reads something into everything I say. Suspecting you of deceit, they deceive… Seek More

Test Of Sincerity

Autistics, and I am diagnosed one, have a disability. We cannot choose to be “not self”. In fact, it is the reason my family and I have trouble relating well with each other. Mild pain builds. The Chinese water torture… Seek More