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Life is lived in moments.

Living Contiguously in Sincerity


Being authentic or being ourselves is different from being sincere? Actually, it’s different from being sincere as it’s publicly defined, yes, but it’s the only real sincerity possible. True sincerity is living contiguously with your authentic self, even if that doesn’t fit any codes set down by any other person or group of persons. Any effort to adhere to codes or behaviours that don’t reflect your authentic self is insincere.

I can see those trying to be sincere and failing are trying to be an idea they have. Trying to be someone else. Genuine sincerity sort of reflects itself in the tendency we each have to resist suggestion, and we all contend with suggestion on an every day basis.

Under hypnosis, if the operant suggests that you hit someone when you return to normal consciousness, but this runs counter to your deepest feelings and beliefs, you will not hit them no matter what. When you are in your “daily routine” that is the same process by which they induce hypnotic trance. It’s why you can coast through your affairs with so little effort on those days.

What is the point of hypnosis? And is it beneficial? It can be. Hypnosis is the active use of a mechanism that works passively in your mind whether you choose for it to or not, and uses an agent to introduce actually desired suggestions rather than the parasitical patterns we pick up from others in a less directed way.

If, every day when you wake up, without thinking about it you go to the kitchen and make breakfast, that is living in a hypnotic state. This isn’t necessarily bad. We honestly don’t need to think about every little thing we do every day, but what if your whole day goes like that?

Sounds like the typical work week. And what does that get the typical person living the typical work week? Strain and then a weekend crash. To what end? Illness, depression. Rich corpses are still just as dead.

Sincerity doesn’t mean throwing all of this to the wind, necessarily, but it does mean admitting that this is your condition. We do need to make our way in the world, but that is only step one. If we do that and only that, we will have life expectancies more akin to, say, a mouse than a man. Thus the old saying, “The best laid plans of mice and men…” I don’t know the whole saying, but I will say they come to the same ends.

Sincerity = authentic self? Yes, but actually nothing so obtusely philosophical is sufficient here. Men and women do spend long periods engaged in sophistry trying supposedly to see “meaning” in all this, only to wind up jaded and very often drunk, or drug addicted, or both.

There is nothing more refreshing then someone who knows themselves. They’re sincere. They say that it might be nice if I did this, but I know I won’t so I won’t lie to you. That’s one of their virtues.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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