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Are You Serious? in Sincerity


People often ask me, “Are you serious?” I guess, because my thinking and behaviour seem so strange to them, they doubt my sincerity.

Or they think they hear sarcasm. Yes, when I am being completely up front. But to act other than how I do would be genuinely disingenuous. So, I will ask you friends. Are you serious?

Most always, even when I’m joking. Anyone else here serious?

I’m sincerely whimsical.

People place a lot of importance on sincerity, but those who make a big show of being sincere… How committed are they, really?

Some people seem to take it as a mission that others see them as sincere. Like it’s more important then the act itself. And inevitably they fail, or succeed on a superficial level only. I think we all know people who seem completely sincere about what they mean to do. They get very emotional about what they mean to do, but we know they will not actually do it.

I always struggle with whether I should confront them on it or not, but it seems to be a waste of time. It is. A big fight and nothing changes. Yes.

Conversely though, some people will not acknowledge sincerity outside of immediate success. As if sincerity were some absolute virtue by which anything can be accomplished. The notion that you can accomplish anything, and more or less flawlessly, “If you put your mind to it”. The state of mind that moves you to prove yourself to be an honest and sincere person will also inhibit actually doing whatever it is you say you will do.

Ah, the “If I really mean it” attitude? Yes, that “If I really mean it.” The same line that also leads to, “If you really loved me.”

You cannot be thinking about what you mean to do and what you are doing at the same time, and do whatever you are trying to do very effectively. But is it not so that people are almost always thinking about what they mean to do? So that everyone else will respect them for their sincerity?

People do get tied in knots about it. If I tie your hands in the knots of a rope, how well will you do any work? How is tying your mind in knots any different?

I believe I can accomplish anything, but it won’t be flawless. You bring something up that is at least partially true. You will not do something flawlessly just because you mean to, and it is not a defect of character to have your efforts fall short of whatever you consider perfection. The sincere person is not unfailing, they are unfaltering.

Buddhists talk about intention. Is that the same thing as meaning to? It is. The reason I say that you will not do what you mean to do is not because intention is insufficient, but it’s only one step in a process of continuous walking. You won’t do what you mean to do. You will do what you “be” to do. You will do what you exist to do.

Those who sincerely say they will do it but you know they won’t, appear to have the intention. Yes. You have principles that you may or may not have clarified to yourself in your internal dialogue. They are never the less there, and you “live” to do these things.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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