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Familiar Advocacy in Familiars


Working with familiars isn’t just information gathering. Besides information gathering, you can ask your familiars to undertake “advocacy” for you.

Your familiar is a part of the same field of consciousness that you are. Just as you can sense other peoples emotions and states of being, so can it. And just as they can senses yours, they can sense your familar’s.

Will they go out of their way to get you to notice them? Oh, potentially. Some can be attention hogs, but if your will is set against it, they both won’t and can’t force themselves on you. They will instead just be noise at the edge of your awareness.

Your familiar can sense and communicate to another persons familiar? Oh yes, that and to them personally, and the suggestion will touch them on the spirit level. Perhaps swaying the internal vote in their subconscious mind in favour of the outcome you desire.

That reminds me of “Drop Dead Fred”. All the imaginary friends met when the kids were being taken to the doctors for their meds. Familiars do as well. They are semi-autonomous. You need not worry though. It’s not in their best interests to act against your interests. But if you ask your familiar to advocate for you in a situation, you can keep tabs on its progress using the communication techniques. It may even be able to act more effectively if you are able to give it advice.

You saw the familiars die when the kids swallowed the pills. Kind of sad to me, not really funny at all. Well, familiars don’t die from the kids taking meds, but it is like putting a white noise generator in their heads. The familiar just has to fend for itself for a time, and will instead act to inhibit any actually hurtful side effects of the medication to the best of its abilities, as it still has a link to the child’s brain.

So the endless cycle starts. Yes, but that’s human stuff, not the spirits fault and they do respect free will.

Familiar “advocacy” is more along the lines of a young person asking their friend to talk to the boy or girl they like, though perhaps more mature and diverse in its intentions/purposes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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