Relativity is inherently the denial of realism. It denies shared experience.

Individual Familiars in Familiars


Familiars all have different temperaments and talents. So your familiar may have inclinations that make it unsuitable for some types of information retrieval. If it’s “not a people person”, it won’t recognize psychological information you might ask it to learn. It will try, but the feedback it gives you would be distorted. My own right temporal lobe is much too open, so I get a lot of static there. It should be easier for others.

It’s a powerful moment when you realise this is not just some magic trick. Yes. You will likely remember it quite vividly in the future, when it happens.

Anyone can contact their familiar? Oh, yes. It is something anyone can do, that’s true of all magic. It’s various sets of insights that have been gleaned over the millennia of human experience, and everyone can do it though some might do it more easily, like some people play basketball more easily.

Perhaps children are naturals at it? Children are quite natural at magic.

As individual familiars have their limitations and personal temperaments, can you have more than one familiar? The answer is yes. Much the same as you can have more than one friend.

The imaginary friend could well be a familiar? Very likely is. The imaginary friend familiar is very often a spirit that is providing emotional support and guidance on coping to the child. It can’t teach advanced coping techniques usually, but that’s about the child’s limitations more than the spirit.

It seems like it’s often the quieter kids that find these friends, like I was, and the imaginary friend spirit is usually of very gentle and patient temperament. Yes. The quiet disposition leaves the right temporal lobe more clear and relaxed, makes spirit communication easier.

My brother was really active, and I don’t remember him ever speaking about imaginary friends. He was a bit of a handful. He likely was never aware of any such presences, and much too busy getting your parents attention and then the attention of his peers later in his life. The two paths tend to diverge and sort of loosely define two classes of people. This doesn’t prevent the active types from understanding and using magick though, they just have to use it more deliberately.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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