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Working With Familiars: Magic Mirror in Familiars


All techniques to work with your familiar are ways of triggering right temporal lobe access. Now, from my earlier explanation, it sounded like the hemispheres mirror each other, yes? Well, they do in a very literal sense, so let’s start with the “Magic Mirror” technique.

You get a mirror either of the old fashioned style or use one in a dimly lit room. (This is the origin of the Bloody Marie parlour trick some people scare themselves with.) You fix a distant gaze into the mirror and this slows the left temporal lobes analytical monologue.

I hate mirrors for that reason. It makes me very uncomfortable. That is what creeps people out, but if the room is too brightly lit the light reflecting will be too stimulating, and will block the exchange between the hemispheres of your brain.

So a dark room with the door open would work? Yes. You don’t have to be enclosed, but limited stimulation is necessary, so it should be reasonably quiet as well.

As you gaze (without staring) at your own image in the mirror, you will begin to notice vague impressions of visual images, shadowy silhouettes, etc. If something more happens that’s all right, but the vague shadows are good enough. When you see the vague shadows, that means you have triggered the right occipital lobe of your brain, and the right temporal lobe is receptive to communication. That’s the basis of the mechanism.

The shadows… Are they related to the finding of one’s familiar? They can be, yes, and this technique can possibly acquaint you with your familiar, but it’s a bit sketchy to begin with.

Can you do this in one sitting or does it take some practice? Oh, that would differ from person to person, and for most it would take some practice. So yes, don’t expect instant results, and don’t strain to make it happen. Also don’t panic when it does happen.

Is that what the idea is behind crystal balls, to see those shadows? Exactly, but in the case of crystal balls it appears as gray patches in your vision as it’s focused deeply into the orb.

So it’s not really a magic ball, the user is just seeing the colours? Well, if it’s quartz, that will amplify their sensitivity. Some other minerals help, as does the accumulated energy of long practice with one orb. But no, to start the orb is just an orb. It is more useful when it has some sort of symbolic construction for the user though.

Now shall we get to the metaphysics? You spend some time before using the magic mirror technique focusing on your familiar, and your intention for contacting it. You won’t experience any communication at this stage, most likely.

In the preparation stage, as you are thinking about your familiar and what you want from communicating with it, you are actually communicating with it. It picks up your attention like an infant picks up the mothers heart beat. So when you actually use the mirror technique, all you are doing is letting it provide you with the feedback it sought out for you.

You are saying come and get it? Yes, and it does want to communicate with you, so it does come willingly.

It is very much like a maternal communication? It is, yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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