Relativity is inherently the denial of realism. It denies shared experience.

Experiencing Your Familiar in Familiars


I won’t go into familiars as a phenomenon. Today, we are discussing working with them. There are a lot of theories for how it’s possible to do this, but first I will just go into the experience of it, and how to do it on purpose.

To summarize what familiars are, this is a spirit we have identified as a companion? Basically yes, but it’s sort of like a psychic paternal twin. You are not identical to each other, but you share a core trait in common with the spirit.

Do they take turns being familiars for each other? Oh, yes. Your presence here serves them as well, as they do get to learn from your experience.

I tend to believe you have the same spirits with you for eternity. Well, spiritual traits can be remarkably enduring. This is why eastern cultures believe in reincarnation for the most part, so for all functional intents and purposes, that is true. In fact, the Egyptians understood it as one flesh and blood person having multiple souls. This was depicted more contemporarily in the movie “The Golden Compass” where everyone developed a “daemon” when they reached a certain level of maturity. This was an intelligent animal presence that was always around them as it was part of them, but functioned independently of them as well. The original meaning of the Greek word daemon just meant spirit, as likely to be a guardian angel as a corrupting tempter of evil action.

My spirit is an owl spirit out of Israel. It possessed my body at a young age, kind of scary. Interesting. Well, if it is a familiar, it’s technically not possession as the connection it has with you is not invasive. You just have an open connection with your familiars, or can have.

There is a part of your brain, just above your ears, called the temporal lobes. It’s responsible for processing communication, and as science always does, they dismiss much of the function of the right temporal lobe as irrational and delusional. But, your sense of self is located in your left temporal lobe for the most part. Your sense of self arises from your sense of the ability to self express. Even as a baby, it was tied up in tone of voice. Well, the right temporal lobe does basically the same thing, but communication processed there is experienced as “not self”. It can even cascade to the occipital lobes and trigger what science would call visual hallucination. I would say that any visual recognition is hallucination, so I feel their dismissiveness is unfounded.

Now the right temporal lobe, for most people, is one of the least busy regions of the brain. Your normal thinking doesn’t use it for much of anything. So when something triggers it, you often feel you are being “watched”. This region of the brain is very sensitive.

Is that the part of the brain that you often think is playing tricks on you? Seeing shadows and such in the dark or hearing noises? Yes, it is. This part of the brain can be triggered by electromagnetic fields so mild as the one generated by your computer screen. The power lines are probably what make schizophrenics believe that “aliens” are watching them. It’s a rationalization that makes sense for them.

Do you think cell phone use can influence the right temporal lobe? I do. In fact, most people hold their cell phone to the right side of their head.

Is that what psychedelics do, mess with that lobe so you hallucinate? Yes. The occipital lobe itself is the most massive part of your brain, and anything you have ingested will go there first and then spread.

Can it cause permanent damage? It would depend on the substance. Because ever since I did LSD, my minds really open in a strange way like never before. Don’t partake of that any further. You have damaged your brain, but it has to manage the LSD like it was another neural transmitter. The brain has only so much space for making functional neural pathways, then it become gibberish. Your body retains LSD because it doesn’t dump neuro-transmitters (that’s all LSD is) but it will make you have pathways that don’t serve a purpose.

You have a constant dialogue going between your left brain and your right, and at the level of the temporal lobes it isn’t a conscious exchange, not normally. But your left temporal lobe can pick up and translate disturbances from the right into language.

Example. When you are typing, and instead of just misspelling a word, you spell an entirely different word, and you spell it correctly. The word isn’t like anything you were trying to type, or even thinking.

Or when you’re looking and speaking to one person and instead of using their name, you speak another’s name? That would be another example. You know very clearly who you are referring to, but you say a different name.

Are these the same as Freudian slips then? No. They won’t correspond to emotional states.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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