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Identify Your Familiar in Familiars


If you want to avoid confusion, identifying your familiar is helpful. If your familiar is a Kami, they tend to be sort of organized so they are good at networking. If your familiar is a Fairy, they are more free spirited, attuned to the raw pulse of life, and understand the primal desire in life. Kami are a bit more detached.

Like with any business partner, it’s good to know their strengths and weaknesses to deal with them better? Yes, and they want things too. So they have to be willing to negotiate. Fairies are mischievous. You have to find a way that you can live with them, but have them behave themselves. In the case of a Kami, you have to be clear on roles and expectations. If they feel there’s a false promise they get very unhappy, and familiars want to learn.

Are there malicious familiars? They have a rapport and like trying to count when someone is spouting random numbers, or trying to be calm when someone is talking about how upsetting something is, they sometimes do exert an inordinate sway. They behave differently and according to their nature. If a fairy, say, is “pushing” their human, they tend to take everything rather lightly and laugh at inopportune times. They want to play even if only in your head.

But this isn’t their entire fault, it’s still you who is in that place. They work on the law of sympathy, that energetic connection. Kami tend to be purpose focused and disciplined, very simple.  They want to keep the peace and avoid conflict. No spirit is superior or inferior, and knowing your familiar is the best way to maximize your relationship. It is also a way to learn more about yourself, because you attract what you are kin to.

If I’m negotiating with a familiar I’m going to think ‘big’. A green lawn is nice, but let’s start with changing the world? They want to. Part of why they contact humans is to see what they want, that drive, and desire energy. For them the here and now is everywhere and everynow.

Why should what we want be so important to them? It’s not, but they want something from us. We share, and that is exactly what a familiar is, a sharing. You either play nice or fight like little brats, but you are still connected. But ultimately the human is the leader. Like a game of follow the leader, they use you to orient. This is how they can really connect to this reality at all.

Even if you don’t know them? Yes. Sometimes a person has a familiar and doesn’t know it. They can sort of sulk, just sort of straighten up while you are not looking, and admire you from a distance. It can be an underutilized opportunity, and you can invite a familiar to show itself in whatever meditative practice.

Every human has a familiar? They can. In theory, sort of like the golden compass, every human being can connect more and find their “daemon”. You will feel it when calm. When your mind is clear, your inner eye is clear.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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