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New age thinking is based on grossly misinterpreted ancient thinking. If I’m following a trail and it goes off a cliff, I’m not going to jump off.

Connection with a Familiar in Familiars


The Kami is one kind of familiar spirit. They do form bonds with humans as is evident in Japanese legend. The Kami are a sort of elemental spirit, but rather evolved. They tend to draw their energy from plants and want them to thrive. They also tend to like children, as do fairies, and this is sort of spirit wide.

Children live in the now as do spirits. Adults are like a constant psychic scream, and this is why they tend to avoid them unless they are meditating or something. Adults tend to tax me at times, but unlike a child I have experience in how to deal with these forces. A familiar may withdraw, but they never totally leave. They tend to form a sense of family, but if you think this spirit is someone from your family that is possible, and in that case it is a familial spirit.  Not quite a familiar.

The realms of the spirit and our world aren’t walled away from each other. This is why spirits are often sort of frustrated. It’s like they are the adults and we are the kids covering our eyes and insisting “You can’t see me”. They are aware of our world, and in the case of a familial spirit (one of the departed) they not only are aware, but they understand fully what it all means. Their motive is basically the same as when they were alive. It can be frustrating for them, but just as with humans, understanding eases that.

In the case of a familiar (a spirit of an order of life outside of the human range), they are usually seeking connection and experience.  Education of a sort, and they respect the person whose energy attracts them.

What energy is most attractive? Anyone strongly attuned to any energy is strongly attracted, so it is more a matter of what kind of attraction than how much.

I’m approaching this like a business deal, how can it be mutually beneficial? The first encounter with a familiar is often like that, a negotiation, and asking, “Can I be here?” Children are usually pretty agreeable, but adults get approached also. The energy is like a food to them. You go for what you love the most, and they get to anchor in the world by the energy you admit. It lets them see and be here.

They can accomplish things on this plane through us? Well, sort of. Their goals are different, but not inimical. They exist on what can be called a causative plane, so to maintain rapport they either provide information about the potentials they see on that causative “spiritual” plane, or they lend their influence to the shifting of a potential into actualization.

They can tell us what’s coming? Help us redirect potentially if we want something different? Yes. It’s sort of like walking over the physical plane on a see through glass table. Time doesn’t exist for them, nor space really, so they can just look down through the glass though they don’t always fully understand what they are seeing. So even with their help, you do still have to figure it out.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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