Death. We part, but we do not part. The energy of our bonds endures.

Familiar Companions in Familiars


Familiar spirits is not unlike the term kindred spirits. It’s even sort of like the concept of soul mates. It’s basically the idea that birds of a feather flock together. That as you are spiritually, so you connected to other spirits.

Some people feel very close to nature.  They love the trees, flowers, and animals. They often have an almost mysterious way with animals. Has anyone observed this? These people often, even if not consciously, are in communion with the spirits in nature, incarnated as we know it or not.

Life, life energy, is a broad spectrum. This has even been physically observed, but sort of like there is a difference between AM on your radio and FM, there are different ‘levels’ in this energy. Now people often break it down to good or bad energy, positive or negative energy, but in my experience this isn’t really the case.

Example; Let’s use a place that most tend to see as dreary and dark. Marsh. Now in fact, marshes are very different in climate, in native life, and in general energy. There are tropical marsh lands, and there are very cold but also marshy lands. They aren’t equally barren. Some are down right green, some foggy and some rarely know fog, but any place that has a lot of water had fog.

They are usually the setting of a horror film. It’s a stereotype, but the energy of some is like a forest, even to the point of people sighting fairy like activity there. Others are more places of decay, and have more of a feeling of death around them.

Now a familiar is like an ally, an agent of sorts. A spirit that because of your connection to the force it lives in has taken an interest in you, and they aren’t uniform. Even from a rather prejudiced source, the “witches hammer” as it’s titled in English, they appear in all sorts of ways. It’s because they aren’t all the same thing.

Not all the same thing because they draw from different energies? Yes, like living things are dependant on different environments, adapted to them, so the spirits dwell in specific energies. They are creatures of and adapted to these energies. In the same way that animals are different species in different environments. But not all the environments are terrestrial, and that is part of the problem sometimes. People can get very confused when they encounter a familiar, even misinterpreting its intent. They seek a person to form a sort of symbiotic relationship. Fairies do this and there are plenty of stories of it. They gain from the connection, insight, energy, and experience that they don’t have. Often just friendship. It doesn’t have to be complicated or have a convoluted agenda.

This is why fairy tales have the fairy as a kind of mother figure? That is why. Sometimes a familiar is a spirit that has adopted you, and this is also why they have stories of changelings. It is an example of human misinterpretation though. Some humans seem especially marked, more like say a fairy than a human. This marked child is still human, but their energy is very attuned to that of fairies, or some other class of spirit.

Do any of you feel you have such a companion already?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Sean

    Can you tell anything about wyverns? My friend who’s been doing this for now years said my astral bodie’s natural form was a wyvern but could change forms. So can you give me some information on wyverns, besides they’re vengeful and can use fear that’s what I keep getting and I want more in depth information on it. I myself sense that he’s right.

    • Dragon Intuitive

      We’ll add wyverns as a future topic. Thanks for the input!

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