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Why Of Reality in Metaphysics


Metaphysics is the body of wisdom not related to the “whats” of reality. That would be science or art. Metaphysics is about the “whys” which means there is a metaphysics of both science and art.

They have said the world is a stage in a great many metaphors, and the assertion reflects a very deep truth.

The term “actor” is misleading, because we are all actors. The ones who entertain us are more properly called story tellers. Not to say we aren’t story tellers too, but our purpose is different.

Everyone familiar with the power of suggestion? The power of suggestion is when someone says something maybe so, and your imagination takes to it and makes you behave as if it is so. It is the basic working operation of hypnosis.

Like when you look up and others look up too? Yes, exactly like that.

Ritual magic is a drama, and in fact, hypnotic processes are a drama also. They have to both engage your attention and your feeling reaction. The power of suggestion is used every day all the time.

Like a placebo? If you believe the pill works then it works? Placebos are the power of suggestion also. The suggestion that a sugar pill is medicine is proven to bolster your immune system as if it really were medicine.

It’s said that you won’t take a suggestion you don’t actually want in some way. That’s true, but it’s a half truth not fully thought out.

It’s also why it’s so scary to people. They’re afraid of finding out what they do want. Yes, seeing their true will which is what magick shows you, and why people often find magick too challenging/scary.

You may think you are fully aware, that you are awake. There is evidence both metaphysically and scientifically that you are not. Even in art, the optical illusion imagery illustrates this. Every day and all day you are immersed in a script, a dramatization. The background music is birdsong, the chapters are days, and the theme runs through all of life. It is really very consistent. Scene one, Act one happens every morning, and the closing act every night.

This reminds me of the study saying that over 90% of your thoughts are the same ones every day. It’s true, and a significant part of your thoughts aren’t even yours. They aren’t self generated. You have them by suggestion from people and your environment.

Even if you don’t like formal ritual magic, you can still use the essence of it. Every act is both an expression of power and a communication to witnesses. People and the environment itself witness your act. You don’t even have to do “energy work” necessarily. Don’t have to grasp ethereal forces. Every action you take has a context. Cause and effect is a physical fact. One of the reasons magick is possible is that even if a single human being doesn’t understand it, the physical world itself does. Sort of an example of the butterfly effect.

Example. Let’s say you drop a rock. A dropped rock is a dropped rock, but a dropped rock is also “dropping.” It’s a form that doesn’t necessarily have to have the matter of a rock. If you drop a rock and you drop a plate, those are both dropping.

Dropping is a form? In that it is possible for something to be dropping without being a rock? Yes, and dropping is a form, yes. It’s a pattern of energy that recurs all the time. The world has many of these forms, and in fact the rock you dropped is one of many objects being dropped at any time.

When we physically drop something, we are “picking up” the pattern of energy called dropping? Exactly. Even scientifically, there is not your dropping and my dropping, there is just dropping. All one pattern of energy spread across the whole world. You can use this. By dropping an object, you are connecting to dropping and you can add your intention to the energy of dropping.

Actions then are similar to archetypes in that they’re both patterns of energy across the world? Exactly. The oldest tales of magick describe great feats, amazing things that wizards/witches/whatnot did. The energy they worked with is still here, but our connection is not.

Is this how superhuman feats sometimes happen? The Mom lifting the car off her child etc.? Yes. You don’t have to deliberately do an invocation. People often do them without any complex intention. A mother fearing for the safety of her child may spontaneously imagine herself to be a mother lion and find she has a strength and ferocity she never knew she had. It was an invocation whether she knew it was or not.

All of these energy patterns are “spirits.” Forms present in the world without objective matter, and just as alive as anything material.

It sounds like an invocation is to try to get your logical mind in alignment to allow the impossible to happen? Specifically linking to a spirit. They vary a great deal in “awareness”, but are all linked to awareness.

These spirits, do you see them as more the embodiment of events like dropping, or attributes like strength, or creatures like a lion, or something else altogether? Maybe some combination of all that? They are all things, even cosmic events. If it can happen, it can happen because there is a “will” behind it.

Different forms benefit different purposes? Yes. Function follows form, not form function.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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