'Metaphysics' Chapter


You may think you are fully awake. You are not. Every day and all day you are immersed in a script, a dramatization. The background music is birdsong, the chapters are days, and the theme runs through all of life. Scene one act one happens every morning, and the closing act every night.

We think we are the role and forget we are the actor. When you are reciting an incantation or an invocation of a god or goddess, realize you are both that higher being, but also still yourself who is speaking to that higher being. The act of speaking to sprits doesn’t change the spirits. It changes you.

“Logic works, metaphysics contemplates.” Joseph Joubert (French Essayist and moralist, 1754-1824)

“Metaphysics involves intuitive knowledge of unprovable starting-points (concepts and truth) and demonstrative knowledge of what follows from them.” Aristotle

Why Of Reality

Metaphysics is the body of wisdom not related to the “whats” of reality. That would be science or art. Metaphysics is about the “whys” which means there is a metaphysics of both science and art. They have said the world… Seek More

Theatre of Metaphysics

Ever actor has a role. There is no movie without these roles. Roles are “spirits.” We recognize the role of every character in theatre without being told. It’s quite easy, because the “spirit” of the role is real. There is… Seek More

We Are The Actor

To perform an act of hypnosis, you don’t have to understand my words. You don’t even have to be the same species as me. This is a proven fact. Any living thing can be hypnotized. They used to call it… Seek More