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Thought creates. All creation is revelation.

We Are The Actor in Metaphysics


To perform an act of hypnosis, you don’t have to understand my words. You don’t even have to be the same species as me. This is a proven fact. Any living thing can be hypnotized. They used to call it “enchantment”, same thing, and well… Everything is a living thing so “objects” can be enchanted too.

But you can’t make them do something they don’t subconsciously want to do? You can’t “break the rules”, no. There is a way things balance out and that will always show itself. It does always win in the end, and this is the rub. What they want to do is not really chosen by the “self.” The “higher spirits” that are part of their nature want things too. So even a bloodthirsty maniac could be calmed, because peace is a higher spirit.

Yes, it’s still an aspect of “me.” Thus why they say “There but for the grace of God/the Gods, go I.” Because it is the spiritual balance of the world itself that keeps things from getting totally deranged. Just because it won’t get deranged doesn’t mean it isn’t receptive to suggestion though. Literally anything can happen, and all events eventually subside. All of them. There is a closing curtain for any energy you put out into the world. An “end” of the script.

Ah, new meaning on the phrase “window of opportunity.” You need to establish your will in the opening act, if you will see it come to fruition at all.

I’ve seen a similar conclusion in science, quantum mechanical probabilities. Magick and science can be unified, just most people don’t. They make of either one a religion and forego any deeper insight.

So what does this mean about reality? It was summed up pretty well in the Matrix, a movie. (See they can be very instructive.) Magick fails to work when you try to “bend the spoon” because magick is impossible. But all you need to realize is that it’s you who is bending. It is you who is changing. The truth is there is no spoon. There is no problem. There is no opposition to your will. You convinced yourself of the opposition, so turned the energies of reality against itself, against yourself. Same thing really.

We think we are the role and forget we are the actor. When you are reciting an incantation or an invocation of a God or Goddess, realize you are both that higher being, but also still yourself who is speaking to that higher being. The act of speaking to spirits doesn’t change the spirits, it changes you.

The bending. I’m me and I’m not? Act as if you were they and you will have their power. If you even suspect you can do a thing, act as if you can and you will.

And write the script instead of reading theirs? This is why we exist as people, and not just little non distinct God sparks. We are here to write our own scripts, add our part to the world story. The Gods have their own things to do.

This is why in Buddhism this incarnation is such a huge gift. Yes. Nor would being a God/spirit be a privilege necessarily. It is just a higher order of responsibility.

It sounds like we may be the privileged ones? They have been very generous to us, but we will grow up and play pretend on a bigger scale when we are ready. People will see our imaginations and wonder at how “God/Goddess/Bodhisattva” works in mysterious ways. Ascended master, whatever you want to call it. All the same thing.

Very much aligned with the idea of play. The play is the thing in which you will catch the awareness of the Kings. Capture another’s imagination and whatever reality you are creating will be the reality.

It sounds like our first life is very much like our virtual online Second Life. Indeed, but we think it’s otherwise. There have been sociological reports on how Second Life and other virtual reality communities are changing peoples behaviour and even decision making. The rules of Second Life are more like real life than people usually are willing to entertain.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well and go play.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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