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Life looks like a path made of doors, until you realize that you don’t even have to enter the prison in the first place.

The Game Board in Play


In Taoism, they speak of the way that cannot be named. Friends, we all started from the same space on the game board, but we forgot what we were playing and why.

Lose one turn? Regrettably we lose many turns in life, because we have to be “serious.” How many broken dreams do people live with? How many sad “might have been” stories can you hear on any day if you ask for them?

Are we having fun yet? Who isn’t free?

Don’t know why, but I’m chuckling all along. Then you understand fully. Can we do this again next week? Yes we can. I will play the game of pretending I know even more things.

Well ok, I’ll be in your clan then. Thank you and welcome to my clan, and anyone else who wants to join me.

They say the start of true knowledge is knowing you know nothing. The start of true wisdom is in the face of this not knowing you seek anyway. You seek like your life depends on it, because the seeking is your life. It is your game.

What happens when the seeking ends? You start over.

Are we having fun yet? No matter what, you will do something. You will wake tomorrow and your brain will do brain things. Your belly will do hungry/full things. Your heart will do touchy feely things. So since you will do things, why not just go play?

That is what we have done in Hawaii, until missionaries came along and spoiled our fun, for a while. They had very serious news. The seriousness killed the virtue of it. It had to be very serious and you had to take it very seriously. It couldn’t be seen in any way other than their way. Heaven forbid you saw it as it was.

I see USA as holding onto their beliefs even though they are long dead. USA is more Victorian than their descendants are now. It is, yes. They are the big bratty kid who will spoil our fun. They have to “win” so they have to cheat.

Our Hawaiian spiritual knowledge blew their minds and love of just living with fun and creativity and heaven forbid, great sexuality? Good example of this is the Japanese here now by four generations. They held on to the old ways longer than the mother country, which now comes here to learn the old ways. Hawaii is serving its role too. It can be a good game. Apparently, people there feel called to play “tradition.” Play tradition meaning spend energy preserving tradition, Hawaiian or Japanese.

There was a report out that said Americans “work harder“ than any other country. It has some value and wisdom in it, unless like me you were sidelined. I got to not work crazy. Instead, I got to be treated like I was worthless. Not really a fun game. I had no reason not to quit playing with them. I don’t think my story is special or even that interesting. I just play connect the dots with ideas.

As if they were THE way, the only way. Reality refutes that with every new day.

Honestly, it’s why many around the world don’t like the USA. They don’t want to play by their rules and the US is moving their rules around the world. Playground bully. The biggest and meanest who excuse their behaviour with, “It’s only a game! I was just playing! Don’t hate me! I was just having fun with you!” If these words ring badly to you there is a reason. You have an instinct and it knows play from BS.

Play = love. Love = life. These are in order. It is the natural healthy life affirming balance. But work as people define it… Reality as people define it…

One of largest challenges for me is this to hold tradition at all costs versus innovative responses to the events of now. To be an object is to be dead. It can be challenging to keep the root, but not have people want to remove the plant.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. Christy Moody

    I have enjoyed this subject. It is a good reminder to all that we need play as we need to breathe.

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