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Relativity is inherently the denial of realism. It denies shared experience.

Be Aware of the Immanent Reality in Perth

Perth Rune

The ‘what if’ is always lurking somewhere. The ‘what if’ is actually perceptible, predictable, non-mechanical though. This time your car may start, but at some point in the future your car will fail to start, and it always happens in such a way that it makes total sense. Doesn’t this seem a bit mysterious? Reality doesn’t move as a collection of separate or separable parts.

Mysterious that it always makes sense? Indeed, it is mysterious for many reasons, like why now and not earlier or later?

My car’s battery suddenly went dead on Election Day. I couldn’t get into town to vote until four hours later. Yet the circumstances that lead to your car failing to start were moving and developing right alongside all the other probable events that occur to you in a day.

Yes, they were developing, but I was blind to them. With reality being forever in motion, all any given event showing up is, is the natural emergence of a potential event that is a seamless part of a fabric of cause and effect. We don’t have to be blind to this flow, nothing loses its relationship to anything else. They are discovering this even on the quantum level as they try to push the range of quantum entanglement and “teleportation.”

“Potential event” = immanence? Exactly. We always see an event coming as the circumstances that lead to its occurrence telegraph the form and even timing of the event that is on the threshold of emergence. Initiation is giving the map to someone or finding it on your own. The map is the map of the world I am describing. The reason why native cultures so often seem to be very intuitive, it isn’t so much some great feat of human mental function, it’s simply a way of looking at the world that arises naturally if we don’t distort it.

Initiation is the “bridge” over liminal space. Exactly, very well said.

So the Perth rune can serve as a reminder to be aware of the immanent reality as opposed to the obvious, which comes to us with little effort. There are those who this rune would serve especially well perhaps, teachers, ardent researchers, people like that, and well, what would life be like if you made a daily habit of meditating on this principle?

An adventure. Inventors would be well served by the use of this rune, following this runic path.

Also, perhaps, persons who find “truth” in irony like how the prisoner might be more “free” than those not in prison. Ah, indeed. What truth is without irony? Truth, I can prepare nourishing food. Also truth, others may never eat it. The truth represented by this rune is in the space between those two concepts. Both the thing done and the empty state that exists after the activity. What would life be like without that empty possibility?

Hopeless? Suffocating? Certainly restrictive. We need the possibility of failure, but we need something more. Any action performed is an action performed. We never actually fail. Can there be such a thing as an event that failed to happen?

We wouldn’t know, because it didn’t happen. You may have a thought or imagining that described an event, but what happens there is a thought or imagining, and it did happen. We often fail to see our opportunities for this reason. We don’t understand our transitions, the mystery of initiation, and by initiation I mean volition, voluntary action. We try to interrupt the flow and expect the thing to occur without a hitch.

Imagine steps on a staircase. Each step is identical, and taken by themselves each step has no special meaning. Everything you can think takes place on one step, and is there any such thing as a thought that failed to occur? (Side note, notice that the rune looks like a step viewed from the top down?)

I thought of something but, oh, I lost it. Actually, you never lost a thought, because in fact that sense of having had a thought is an event that did happen but on a level of brain function beneath the conscious. Perhaps just on the border, but still beneath consciousness, and it will often emerge again later either in your conscious mind or in your dreams.

Sometimes years later out of nowhere. True, as it was until then floating around in the vast space of your subconscious.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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