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Rune of Secrets in Perth

Perth Rune

If you recall when I began the rune series, I said I would not be doing a treatment of the blank rune. It’s a modern tack on and really not at all useful, I think, and besides, the Perth rune represents what they say the blank rune means anyway. This is the rune of secrets, hidden things. The only way that anything can be hidden is there must be a front of the readily visible, the obvious as opposed to the depth behind it.

Now many things in today’s world seem to have presented themselves to us as obvious. Though there does seem to be a steady stream of “oops” surprise discoveries going on in science these days, like the “magnetic highway” they discovered at the outer reach of our systems heliosphere, a refraction effect between our solar system and the space beyond, high energy. This rune represents that tendency in knowledge. Literally, no theory predicted that presence at the boundary of our solar system, and well, we are forever running up against this sort of thing in the progress of human knowledge, no? The world’s secrets aren’t secret because anyone or anything is hiding them.

A term used in tech is ‘disruptive.’ Something is a disruptive technology when it reorders all we do and know. Sounds grand.

The secret is secret not because it is hidden, but because it is difficult to discern against the background of all the apparent reality. Research has shown our brains not only to be innately biased, but to be prone to a form of inertia as the rule rather than an exception.

Knowledge in motion tends to stay in motion? Yes. It’s also called the investment bias. Once people begin to believe a thing they tend to resist dropping that belief because of the time, energy and emotional commitment they put into it. Would that be any different than inertia?

It sure sounds like inertia to me! Especially when the “direction” of those ideas is considered, direction remains more or less the same.

Our brains are not, left to their own devices, prepared to process inconsistencies. We on a gut level want white to be white and black to be black, up to be up and down to be down. Change that, especially if that change remains persistent, and what happens?

“Disruption.” Ultimately, chaos. Yes. People arrive at an idea of what progress is and to say otherwise is worse than heresy. People don’t respond well in general to zero gravity. This would be one example on a physical level. It’s part of why collisions are so dangerous.

Or, perhaps a paradigm shift? A Copernican revolution, of sorts.

You would topple the old hierarchy and establish new order.

Well, I would say that there is a substrate of organization beneath all this human noise. That’s the only thing I would see surface, but yes, this rune is that revelation. Every human rite, every human institution, every human tradition, arises from a need to feel secure. This rune is the reason why they do not. Nature, and I mean this in both the literal and philosophically abstract sense, routinely presents us with the exceptions to our rules.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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