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If you are feeling lonely, it’s because you don’t feel present as what you are, or accepted for what you are.

Reality is Porous in Perth

Perth Rune

The Perth rune depicts that reality is not a closed system? With the open edge? Indeed. The thing kept secret seems secret because we at first think it isn’t there, or that it was lost, as if we had the truth of life all along but then discover we have a hole in the pocket we kept it in. But there was no truth lost. That hole is the truth, reality is porous, like so many other things, even matter itself, full of holes and empty space.

Open-ended, or no-ended? No ended. Open ended implies that there is some other place where it would end, and honestly, some people do believe this, but that is not what this rune symbolizes.

We fear not death so much as that which is seen as worse than death, meaninglessness, emptiness, oblivion, but any meaning we perceive arises against a backdrop of what this rune represents. Silence in the midst of sound, things hidden in obvious places, the whole infinite architecture of reality itself.

Light in darkness, and shadows of course. The dark bands in the dual slit experiment, perhaps. The secrets of the world seem secret because they are obvious, and they exist in the space between every apparent thing. In magickal theory, they call this the law of sympathy, like affects like, but that’s not because there is some mysterious web of force linking things together in a nonsense fashion. There is nothing in the space between objects at all, just space as we have become used to it. The between element arises before we “realize” the objects in the first place. It’s immanent. Reality spins around this immanent presence, becomes apparent only when it reaches the point of transparency. That’s why this is the rune of initiation. What is achieved by initiation other than transparency? Either you show the initiators what you’re made of and thus become transparent in that way, or you yourself are shown what your perception is made of and reality becomes transparent in that way.

A bridge toward understanding? Indeed. I ponder “transparent realities….” Really, the two things are the same thing. Can you really understand without changing as an individual? What insight can you gain and remain unchanged at the same time? Some people only have some notable paradigm shift happen once in their life. One major event or insight that changed their whole view of the world, then the rest remains quiet. Is this fair to say?

There’s the inertia thing, again. Indeed. People want to return to security, pull the blanket back up over their head and go back to sleep, but if such an insight should occur more than once, if it should occur regularly, in cycles, then you begin to realize that you yourself are the process of this change, that your mind and soul are the agents of this change, and that any and all meaning can be found not in any specific fixed form, but in looking deeply into the changes.

Yes, looking to find the structure of those changes. Cycles? Yes.

Water has distinct traits, cohesion, viscosity, temperature, purity, many things that can remain true over a longer period of time. Yet at the same time it changes freely, always moving with the force around it, seeking to flow to the lowest point, forever pooling in the mystery behind the apparent reality. Our own spirit is like this. Even while our soul is desperately trying to cling to some ivory throne, the spirit reminds it that all of that will change. Our souls do not trust our spirit, and thus we feel persistently split, almost constantly of two minds about anything even when we claim to have made up our mind. Is this not so?

Continuous flux… Spirit is the fire, soul is the torch. It is in fact an eternal flame, that for some strange reason seems to constantly fear it will be consumed, extinguished.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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